Mar 12, 2018
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Review 7.5/10 Vermintide is a co-operative action first person shooter and melee combat adventure set in the End Times of the iconic Warhammer Fantasy world. Vermintide takes place in and around Ubersreik, a city overrun by Skaven. You will assume the role of one of five heroes, each featuring different play-styles, abilities, gear and personality. Working cooperatively, you must use their individual attributes to survive an apocalyptic invasion from the hordes of relentless rat-men, known as the Skaven. Battles will take place across a range of environments stretching from the top of the Magnus Tower to the bowels of the Under Empire. Core Features: · Cooperative Survival For up to 4 Players - Band together with your friends or die alone. Vermintide will continuously test the teamwork and skill of you and your friends. Drop-in, drop-out Multiplayer and the addition of A.I. bots ensures a full team at any time, regardless of available players. · Play as Five Unique Heroes - Five distinct characters to choose from, each with their own personality, agenda and story to tell. Learning what it means to work together is key to the group's survival. · Huge Hero Arsenal - Each hero has its own unique weapons arsenal to draw from, allowing you to adjust their combat style to fit their gameplay preference. There are hundreds of different weapons, includíng swords, daggers, axes, hammers, bows, guns, magical staves & more · Embark on an Epic Quest - Boasting 13 diverse levels - on the ground, in buildings, on walls and underground - ranging from the immense Magnus Tower to the treacherous Under Empire, Vermintide will take you on a journey you’ll never forget. · Experience the Skaven Like Never Before - A rising tide of malicious and cunning rat-men await you, hacking, clawing and eviscerating all that stand in their way. Face vicious packs of clan-rats and deadly specialized elites. · Gather Shiny Loot - Rewarding teamwork above all else, you are given loot dice at the end of a mission that will reward you and your team mates with a weapon, a hat or a trinket. Completing side objectives means that better loot dice can be added to the roll. · Battle Unpredictable Enemies - Vermintide features a dynamic spawn system providing a constant set of new challenges lurking behind every corner. · Experience an Immersive Story - Games Workshop veterans have banded together to write a fantastic new addition to the Warhammer lore, offering a new perspective on the cataclysmic events of The End Times. · Find a Path to Safety - The Skaven boast incredible mobility, able to climb and leap fantastic distances to make life a living hell for the Heroes. No matter where you go, they will be there, ready to pounce. A game with two significant problems that still manages to be quite a lot of fun. Pros: Incredible atmosphere and love for Warhammer. It is simply a delight to be immersed in the world. The artists nailed the look and feel of Warhammer. The levels are linear, but well designed. They do a nice job of changing things up and it never feels too much like you are on rails. The illusion of a bigger, wider world is maintained. Excellent character design and playstyles. Each of the characters does feel unique to play and it goes a long way to adding longevity to the game. While most players will find a favorite character to play most of the time, it's fun to have the other characters for something different. The mechanics are well done in that the game is simple to learn, but hard to master. It will take quite a bit of practice for most players to be able to handle Cataclysm difficulty where healing items are rare and enemies do significant damage. The melee has a very satisfying feel to it and you will smile the first time you cleave a Skaven's skull open. Cons: The loot system is truly terrible. It's 100% RNG and the odds of getting what you want are awful. Trying to get the DLC weapons in particular is about as much fun as a root canal. Fatshark made some half hearted attempts to improve the game's loot system, but it never really works because they wouldn't ditch the RNG basis which is the root problem of the grind. The other major problem with the game is that the bots are awful. The good news is there is a QOL mod that makes them much, much better. With the QOL mod they become fairly decent, but they are still hopeless on Cataclysm difficulty because they are simply unable to avoid taking enough damage and they are truly hopeless against Stormvermin strikes and poison clouds.

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Sir Lagsalot
I'm in love with this game, but when people don't have communication you simply can't win anywhere beyond rookie ^^