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by Top Dawger

It has a few bugs, but still is a great game. The best thing is that you can play with your friends, which is quite rare for a survival game. There are some annoying things, like the inventory is always full, there are some areas that seem unpolished, but it still has lots of potential, and I’m sure it is getting better.

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Early Access Review Desolate: Devastated VORWEG: The Title lives up to the Game from the Setting in any case. I would like to begin by Mentioning that I have not yet come far (4 Hours of Play has not been counted on Steam?) and this Review only reflects my first Impression! It is also clear to me that this is also an EA game. To the Game itself: It's a survival game that takes the right Path in itself, trying things I've been missing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. As an Example, here is the (real) desolate and devastated Gegend/island mentioned on which it plays. You have this feeling of a profound Threat in your Neck all The time and you don't actually ever weigh yourself to Safety. At any corner/Bush/niche, something could be lurking, something Unknown = Dangerous. You can't look around enough for Equipment and hope you're ready for the next Contact, let's call them "Islanders." Due to the Open-World Style, you always have to think carefully about the Approach, although I have noticed that most Of the time I actually sneak around in order not to stand out. GAMEPLAY: I will test the Coop mode at Times!!! As mentioned above, it is a Survival game with Crafting and Loosening System + strong Sneak component. You have to pay attention to your Basic Needs (Water, hunger, etc ..) and meet them. The Speed of the Game itself I would find calm with enough Time to prepare whenever necessary. By making it an Early-Access Game I refrain from overcritical Comments and mention only that certain Things, such as the "Stone throw" revised (one has the Feeling it brings far too little from the distraction of the "Islanders" let off), the K.I. of the Opponents In itself, it could be tuned again (turn out to be very stupid in the "idle") and the Survival component could also be tuned again (some Goodness is abounded, some did not (ammunition for Example (Lore technically also became Weapons on the Island Developes)). The only real Criticism is the Storage System! No free Saving in itself possible! GRAFIK: Nice voice, not quite from the day before yesterday, but already a bit dusty, basically quite Ok. In some Places, it could still be done to understand Lighting effects!!! Only this white Veil I have in front of the Screen Disturbs a little, as if the Contrast Regulator had slipped! But I hope this will be conspicuous and fixed to the Developers! PERFORMANCE: No serious Problems. You just notice the Loading Zones are present and unfortunately these are not yet smoothed. You can also see "plop" in large Areas like NPC and the like. But basically it runs all enough to loosely dare to play it! I didn't notice Game-rewing bugs either. Introtrusive FAZIT: A Game that currently costs €15 is worth, if you Value it to develop and you want to support the Developers. For that you get a rough Impression of how the Game can be once and hopefully will be. A survival game in an End-time Setting that could delight Stalker Fans. One more Thing: It's a bit of Horror, but without Jump-scares or other "cheap" Horror element, the Game only manages this through the Atmosphere that already has!
It is somewhere between STALKER, FEAR, Half-Life and with a pinch of Skyrim vibes (?). The concept is nice enough, for sure, but the gameplay falls short. The controls are clunky, the glitches (even for early access) are killing me — sometimes literally. Lots of things need customization and optimization, but it has kinda already killed the mood to try the full version when it comes out.