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Them's Fightin' Herds review
by Tzeelim

It’s a solid fighting game with thought-out lore. Though it is hard for newcomers to the fighting game genre, but if you are a fan, come for beautiful graphics and music, wrapped around a perfect fighting core.

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Early Access Review Them's Fighting Herds proves two Things. Number 1: No matter how many Stumbling Blocks you put in People's way, if they hang themselves in and prove they really care, then they manage pretty much everything. Number 2: I am still grossly in Caning Games. Them's Fighting Herds is a entry-friendly, crowdfunded and Humble Bundle-funded Beating game with a Cast of cute, four-legged Animals. The Project has a pretty interesting Past: Started as My Little Pony fan project "Fighting is Magic," it picked up the ride before being unceremoniously plucked from the Sky by a C & D of Hasbro. As a Result, Lauren Faust, the Creator of the cheerfully joyful G4 ponies, turned herself in and reached out to the Team from The Mane6 by designing Characters for the Game. A successful crowdfunding campaign and an alpha test later, and we are faced with the early access version. With the Announcement to implement more Content and story mode, the Game is worth it for €15 at a time if you just want to give a cow with a Western Accent full Pound on your Mouth with an angry Rehntier lady. I advise everyone else to look at progress first. Since I have followed the turbulent History of this Project myself, I am pretty sure that Mane6 will consistently follow the Development.
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Early Access Review Do you also have a little Sister, daughter or Cousin collecting My Little Pony or Filly Horses? And you've always wondered what's so great about these shreatted little Collectible figures? So, I mean, the sch * * * Resin viewers are pig-expensive And just lying around everywhere ... But luckily not everyone shares that Opinion and so came the Day when a Member of Mane6 "s developer team had a super Incursion. It would have to have gone about like this: "Hey Folks, what do you think of the Idea when we let Ponies, Cows and Llamas fight each other? I don't mean such realistic Things, I'm more likely to talk about such lucky bearchi blends that look so sweet you get Toothache from The mere Sight. But they fight each other with Fire, Lasers and black Magic and stuff. Bite and scratch, punch and kick, spit and shoot. Hold so really BÄM! So really into the Fresco and so! And with chic 2D graphics and Style of Play and Animations, as in these typical Japanese Beating Games à la BlazBlue or Guilty Gear. Well, what do you think of it? " Man, Idea! And then we make such a Lobby where the Players can meet and challenge each other. And we'll insert another Dungeon where you can go on Item Chases. " "Lot Folks, get to Work!" And then, on February 22, 2018, the Team released a Video Game that convinced me that little cute and pink Animals can be the absolute Hammer! Edit: Anyone who wants to read the true Origin Story, Cummunity member Sponandi, wrote them to me in the Comments. Thank you very much.
TFH is made in the same engine as Skullgirls and you can feel it. The fighting feels good and the animations, although not at the same level as Skullgirls, are well done. Each fighter has a different style and personality, although it could use at least a few more (currently only 6 are available). It also lacks a story mode, but it has a decent tutorial that teaches both the basics and more advanced techniques. It also has a lobby mode where you can move around, interact with other players and partake in "minigames," which is interesting.
Right now. this is not something you should play. First, this is pure fighting and nothing else, it’s very hard for those who are not fans of the fighting genre. Most people playing it now are probably backers. I recommend waiting for some story mode to be released and maybe then trying it out (if you love fighting). Otherwise, there’s not much interesting in the game.