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by MeZev

I have never been a fan, in fact, Dynasty Warriors have never interested me at all. but this game is a whole new different story. First, there’s a cool open world. It is the first open world game in the series, as far as I know, and this alone makes it much better than the rest. It is big fun to explore and I don’t get all the hate around it, it’s probably old fans whining about changes as they always do. Then, there’s a huge roster with close to a hundred of playable characters. How cool is that? They are unlocked over the course of the game in different factions, and this greatly adds up to playability. Character designs are top.Then, the visual side is okay, nothing too fancy here, but still there are lots of beautiful moments. Overall I enjoyed playing it, it is a very good game and the only DW that got my attention. Don't believe all the hate and go try it yourself, especially if you are not a fan of the series. This will change your mind.

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Painfully sad for a fan of the series like me. I’ve played every DW since the days of DW3. This game is just a shade of the series, it is boring and dull. Not much variation in characters, but lots of grinding.