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Pit People review
by MeZev

The worst part for me is the creatures. Like the equipment system which many creatures uses only to equip cosmetic items. Also they usually have just one action, so there are no alternative way to use them. Like, there’s a healer who heals, a melee attacker who attacks, a range attacker who attacks from a distance. That’s it. The game lacks strategy, there are few meaningful upgrades and choices. I don’t recommend it.

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Early Access Review PIT PEOPLE REÊ Info about the Game: Publisher: The Behemoth Developer: The Behemoth Genre: Strategic RPG Release: January 13, 2017 Pit People is a strategic action RPG from The Behemoth, which includes the well-known Video Games Battleblock The ather and Castle Crashers. First, you start small on a Card that is full of Enemies. The Goal now, with your Team, is what you can build up as The game progresses, to pit against a wide variety of Opponents and defeat them or catch them for the Team. Many Units have different Abilities and Weapons that can be collected, so you have many Choices for your Troops. However, this can get quite boring after some Time. So what now? In the City, the Main Base of his Warriors, you can compete in Arenas against Com's or against real Players with his Team to be able to be to the Test. As just mentioned, Pit People has a Multiplayer, but so far it is only possible for two Players. You can fight Opponents on the Map with your Friend as a Co-op team, catch Units and complete Side missions. The Developer Studio is also known for incorporating good Humour into the Games. First of All, I have to say that I find the Graphic Style of the Developer studio very successful and own. Since the Game is currently still in the early access Phase, you shouldn't expect An eternally running game without Bugs or Problems. However, I had neither technical nor other Problems that stopped me from Playing. Unfortunately, you can't say as much about the main story yet, because you can play through it in about 1 Hour, but there are usually Side Missions that you can play through. That'S why I hope that in the Future the Main Story will continue and more amusing Scenes will be built into the Game. One can argue whether it is worth buying the Game for €14.99am at the moment. If you are generally already a Fan of the Games Of the Developer studio Behemoth, you should get it as it has a lot of Allusions to the other Games. I also strongly recommend playing this Game in Co-op mode, as it's a lot of Fun to compete with a Friend Against other Online players in the Arena and see who's the stronger. I would compare the Game to Pokémon a little bit, as in Pokémon as well as in Pit People you have to expand your Team and compete against other Opponents. Updates are made regularly to fix Bugs or add new Features. For me, the Purchase paid off as I'm a big Fan of Behemoth and her Games. If you have this Game too, I would be very happy about your Opinion of the Game.
Yet another masterpiece by the Behemoth. This game beats most finished games even in early access, especially for the price. Pros are numerous: there’s great humor, interesting gameplay, lots of customization, wide range of creatures, characters, and weapons. My only gripe is perhaps the story which is not much to be satisfying.