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by Tramandai

I've spent over 100 hours on FFXV on my PS4 and loved it. No you can experience this awesome game with solid 60 fps, what more do you need? It's also nice that in Windows version all bonus episodes are available in the beginning, this is great for those who have played it on a console. Otherwise, it's still that good game, and I must give devs the props for porting it well.

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So after a little Delay follows my Review of Final Fantasy XV. In doing So, I have finished inGame's main Story including all Chara DLCs, almost all Side Quest And Mob Orders. I have to say that I played FF15 for Release on PS4 already at that TIME. I would have liked (hindsight) that I never played it on the PS4 Before: Not only that the PC Version is clear from the Point of view of technology that is better Version. But Compared to the Release Version (PS4) you just get more Content and above all more Story content! When I played through FF15 on the PS4 at the TIME, I was badly disappointed. One noticed the Game's long and complicated Development to which it had. There was just missing important Story sections where you wondered: Huh I was here and suddenly somewhere else? Also missing Were some Lvls. eg Tenebrae. There is also in the current Version but you can only see it very briefly from the outside. Not even more so, even though the Developers offered how big Tenebrae Would become. You can also see the construction Sites of FF15 here in the "Windows Edition" (What a funny Addition name ...) but through the DLC and some Story Extensions (Which were submitted free via update) FF15 is simply rounder In its current Form. Just the Chara DLC of Prompto, Gladius, Ignes wiggle couple good fill. But Trz unfortunately leaves the Story with a lot of Potential. For example, I would very much have liked to get to know some of Chara more closely, Z.B Luna. Is portrayed in the Game as an important Person but unfortunately gets too little ScreenTime for me. Like the First time, you Tot left me cold ... Or other "Evil" Weats come up short and so quickly they are gone again ... Add to this the Fact that the whole "FF15" Story runs through to multiple Media. There is one of the Movie "kingsglaive" The Series and the Game here. Although the Film is important and not mega important, it rounds off the Story around FF15 even more. But what I like very much .. After all, doie 4 main Chara Are almost closed to the Heart. One often reads "Tokyo Hotel" "Schwull" Ect. And admitted ... Their Clothes are in Need of Initial Habituation; o But I just like the Development. At the Beginning of the Journey, the 4 Friends are young, jokes blow out + let themselves on a (Not Naking) adventure and with further Story progress these 4 become more serious due to some strokes of Fate + the Story Becomes more generally serious and gloomy towards the End A great Final will also be completed. Playful, FF15 is rather simple. So really hard Moments or Opponents there are rather more nimble ones. Going Game Over here is almost impossible because you always have enough Time to heal yourself. The Fighting is fast and fun if you "get involved" with the simple Game mechanics "who are looking for tactical Gameplay Here is rather wrong. The World "EOS" looks partly beautiful and harmonious from the Setting (Forest, Desert, City, mini sea; o) The Sidequest Are unfortunately partly 0815. Often this is an "Errand A and bring it to B" or "Eredige Monster A" Yes are not necessarily bad now but one from the Stool don't blow them. The many "Car Driving" is ... Yes hmm can be chilly and quite practical if you have to look quickly on the Smartphone or something; o But the many Car Journeys can also annoy. Skipping Can be done by places already visited, but the Loading Times are sometimes very nasty (Lang) The Soundtrack, on the other hand, is like FF Tybisch terrific. If a big Fight starts and out of the Speakers at once "Omnis Lacrima then that's simply ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ing Epic; o But the other Songs are also often coherent and fit. But now I Come directly to PC Version: For me the best Version of all and here the "longer" Wait has definitely paid off. Bugs I haven't had any so far. Unfortunately here and there, a few Crashes which came mainly in Connection with the "Nvidia" Graphic Effects. The Game was Played on an I5 7600K & GTX 1080 with 16GB of DDR4 Ram. The Game itself is very demanding for my Feeling, especially if it is supposed to be High Settings. You should already have a reasonably up-to-date PC. Especially in THE WQHD (My Resolution) or completely in the 4K it becomes very borderline, Conclusion: The Spirits argue about FF15 ... That applies to the whole Series. FOR me, FFXV is NOT the best FF let alone it does not approach FF7.9,9.10 in the Approach. But compared to the "newer" FF games, XV Is definitely the best Part for me. I don't regret paying the full Price the Second time. Rather that I didn't wait for the PC Version at that time ... Unfortunately, my Glass Ball didn't work at the time ...
A good open world rpg, though unpolished and not entirely complete. A bad FInal Fantasy game.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
So the story or the gameplay are good. But technical issues are killing this game. It constantly crashes on my PC, hangs other programs when I try to switch windows, and I have to kill it with the task manager. I'm really disappointed.
«Buggy as hell»