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Spellsworn review
by Merlijn Eskens

Let me start out with:
the music is better than the game. I really feel that way.

This will my first real "I'm not sure if you should play this" review. Let me explain why:

Spellsworn is a game that is clearly based on the old game mode "Warlock" from Warcraft III.
In Spellsworn you can buy spells at the start of each round (the game is played in multiple rounds). You use these spells to push other players out of the arena where they take damage. Alternatively, you hit them enough times so they die by losing all their HP.

The goal is to be the "Last man / team standing".

Alright, now that you have a good idea of what the game's like; let me explain to you the good part:

- It brings back the same vibes as the old game mode did.
- It offers all kinds of spells that you can freely combine to make cool things happen.
- You can totally team up with a friend and kill your other friends.
- Its totally free AND NOT PAY TO WIN. (Huzza!)

And that's it. Now here's the bad part about it:

- The game is "small". There are about 3 arena's if I'm correct and the spells available are always the same.
- The matchmaking is "whoever is online right now" or at least, it feels that way.
- It is still JUST a game mode. This is the same problem as Magica Wizard Wars (A game I still need to review). The game simply does not feel like a full game yet.
- It does not look polished.
- The balance seems to be all over the place, but this might just be my experience with the game so far.

Now, before you leave and think that I dislike the game; I do not.
I like the game for what it is.
The goal, if any, of this review, is to make sure you understand this as you go in.
Play this game if you want more of that old feeling, if you miss the game mode. If your friends are bored and you need something to play.

If you want something to spend hours and hours in. Look somewhere else, unless you are an old Magica Wizard Wars addict, in that case, dont forget to also check out Battlerite. ;)
«Better with friends»

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Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review AHGA!!!! You've got the Warlocks! And if you also balance, add to the content, sanded product. In general product This price will not be... In a good way. What Is the essence of the game? We have wizards that appear in the butt and begin mass purchase and pick up builds of a pile of spells, clothes and Pasvok. Each spell is unique and can be charged with another or not. The Essence of the game is to kill the enemy. The first way to do this is nuke spells, the second way is not too different from the first One, because each spell has a property to repel. It Turns out that kind of sumo-bouncer, where you need to knock out the enemy from the circle on the lava, to bake it = D + Quite A dynamic game, but the main thing is not to overdo it, because in the warlokah sometimes the brain boils, as with 2 on 2 or 4 players eyes are not Understand. That is kind of like a porridge, but interesting = D. Although If you play longer, it is a tactical tricks, finthe and much more will be available for you. + A Large selection of spells. You master your build, you think how you can interact and create your own chaos! You Twist your playing conditions in the arena. = In the Varloki version 1.01 B had three modes of play, except For the fourth. 1) The First mode-remaining alive, that is, if he died, then waiting for his turn and watching other players. 2) Second mode-Avatar! He's your enemy! Hit him! And so all the players are hitting a thick one. Accordingly, the more players, the stronger the Avatar (he is also a player). Super mode. 3) The Third mode of play is a game that is less interesting than the first one, maybe that's what I thought. Purchase at the beginning of the standard, but then already purchased during the fight, if you find time to read or even realize that something you need to buy at all. 4?) The Fourth mode-it was supposed to be the king of the mountain, but we still did not understand what his chip... 5) There is also a ranking game, but we have not used it. = Now The game is only on Alpha test. Perhaps That's why there are no artifacts and some pumped passivok. By the name of the game, it is different, so the creator of the game can create anything. That is, if there are only spells, it will be a casual product in contrast to its Preshedtnik T. Although It is in fact easily solvable by options, Tito turn on/off things or passivity or some other game chips. On the other hand, all this again must be germinate. But I hope that there will be those same warlocks, but with much more possibilities.