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Dakar 18 review
by Miguel Sánchez

While the driving physics are probably not extremely realistic I found the game very entertaining. It's probably the best reproduction from the Dakar rally world ever done in a game, featuring a big open world map, realistic stages and a precise road book. Probably navigating the open world is the most complex part of the game (as in real life Dakar rallies) but the developers did a great work providing different difficulty levels which offer some help with the navigation. On top of that the creators are frequently releasing updates which already improved the game remarkably compared to the first versions (like adding steering wheel support and free DLCs with more stages and scenarios). A game I'd definitely recommend.
«Just one more turn»
«Liked before it became a hit»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Update, meanwhile V 0.7 1st in general to Current Steam update strategy. Game Downloads are around 38 GB. Ok is quite normal, Updates have been released again and again, but today I have the TWO Download with over 22GB each, doing INSGESAMT about 80GB???? Unfortunately, I don't have a fast Line (rural Area) and find this fruitful! Especially since the Storage Space has remained stable at around 38 Gb ... So, what's going on there? 2. I don't have too new a computer, but I never had big Problems (AMD Fx6300, Radeon R380x, 16GB ram) However, it happened to me for The first time ever that my Computer Went out, tap heat overload of the CPU! I have reinforced the Feeling that this is a bad Port! Settings are completely low and really nice, so you don't look anymore ... Overall just so Thumbs up, but very scarce! Usually Post: Version 0.2 Short Impression of me: I'm generally a big Rally fan, still playing DirtRally Regularly. I have always been fascinated by the Dakar and I was very much looking forward to the Release! The somewhat chaotic Release is now done (I just lacked the information of the Developers) and I just quickly threw myself into the Adventure. The Turorial explains the most important Things and, above all, Navigation. I'm (still) playing on Beginners and that's actually a good thing! A yellow Mark on the Compass helps immensely. In general, the Setting is great, I feel Atmospheric. The Feeling of having to navigate the vast Landscape. And yet you're not alone on the Track, again and again I discovered Competitors in front of and behind me. Again and again I have Difficulties with the Orientation and also the Points of value for Driving Through are quite authentic. Not to neglect the fact that you can get out at any time and take some Actions (With the Shovel, you can Bundle the Wheels free, or pull another Car). The Stages are sometimes really long (for 380 km I took more than an Hour in real Time), which brings great Dakar Feeling. In any case, It is not easy to read the Roadbook and the German Subtitles while Driving and then pay attention to the Compass and there comes a Stone in front! And what Turn should I take? Unfortunately, there are also a few Criticisms, I do not want to talk about general Game mechanisms, but rather Things that seem to have happened under a great Deal of time Pressure. Localization is not the Force, the Passenger is basically in English. Which works out quite well with me after a While, however. On Beginners, however, there is the yellow Compass Aid. Further Advanced, it will certainly be more difficult. And please, is there a Button where the Passenger repeats himself on Request? However, there are always translation Errors. For example, Wind Turbines are called "Wind Turbines." There are Also some funny Things in the Menus: The Button for the Automatic/manual circuit is called "Transmission." And why is the "Finish Game" Button under the Adventure Tab? In general, you can see that this is where Consoles were developed. I get on well with my Xbox360 Controller in the Menus and When driving. However, the Control when driving Is not always good, with my Mitsubishi it was always a very spongy feeling, often I had strong Understeer, which I could not fix yet. Let's See what the Difference is with the other Vehicles. In General, the Graphics are OK, I feel a bit badly ported and not exactly Resource-conserving. Again and again there are short Rucklers and those who have the Appropriate Computer should put the farsightedness to max, because you drive very much In Sight. The Dunes and especially the Depth Sand are not always recognizable, but that is also a good thing! Only the Water and the Drive-throughs don't look that great. I also have the Feeling that with The inside View the Disc does not get wet. Then I don't need a Windshield Wiper Either. All in all, a challenging Game, let's see what the next Updates bring! I can recommend it for Dakar Fans!