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Camp Sunshine review
by krai

Too generic, shallow and feels uninspired to me. Full of jokes and references, half of which are flat out dumb, and the other half are just cheesy in all bad ways and ruining the atmosphere even more than jokes. The game is even aware of the quality of its jokes, but that doesn't help whatsoever.

It is not a bad game though, and it has a decent pixel art here and there, especially for portraits. I love how portraits are drawn. Puzzles are so-so, not bad actually, if still kinda generic and dull.

But if you want a straight out great horror game made in RPG Maker, I'd rather recommend you to try Pocket Mirror. It's the best horror experience I ever have in my whole life, leaving Silent Hill 2, both original RE and Alone in the Dark, and The Cat Lady behind. It has beautiful art, glorious sound, compelling story, authentic references, and smart puzzles. And it's free.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I've been into enough Horror Movies to know that a Lunatic wearing a Mask is never kind! There you are finally lying in Bed and want to recover from the Rigours of a long Drive to the Summer Camp, and what happens. One is awakened by strange Noises at night and stumbles straight into a Massacre. Welcome to Camp Sunshine. I was a little sceptical about the Game at the Beginning, but after a few Minutes of Play I was positively surprised and rewarded. Fossil Games didn't promise too much that you feel immediately at home as a Fan of the 80 ' s Slasher Movies. Basically, the Game feels like a Trip to Camp Crystal Lake. Only that instead of our Friend with the Ice Hockey Mask, the friendly Carebear wants us to Life here with the Kitchen Knife. The Atmosphere was great, and I also sat once or twice the Fright in the Neck. Which, of course, is also due to the good musical Implementation. There you just plunder, feel safe, Night Cabinets out and a Crunch in the Adjoining Room makes you feel bright-hearted at once. One scurrys in the Darkness of The night to the next Hut and already with welcome our Friend stands next to us with the Knife. The Core of the Game (without Spoilers) is essentially to browse the Camp in search of Clues. We get These with the help of Diary pages (including Flashbacks) that we can find Or do tasks for NPC. As usual in RPG's, we rummage through Cupboards, Garbage Bins or our slaughtered fellow Camper in search of useful Things that delay our Passing. Always run into a Knife with the Fear in the neck in the Dark. During the night Walk through the Camp you can discover many small To large allusions to other Movies, which seemed a little loosening for me. I can only advise Against the Continuous Use of the Flashlight because it attracts Attention quickly to us and thus only brings about our Death faster. When the Cuddly Teddy gets us on the Pelle, it's Time to take your legs in Your hand and either jump into the next Bushes or go to the next house. Unfortunately, I also have to confess that I don't like everything. You always meet survivors in between, who somehow don't care that the Camp has turned into a Slaughterhouse. They then carry out their small Tasks and if they have not died, then they are still alive today. The Sound that our Friend Makes with the Bread Cutting Tool when he "teleports" himself into the House in which we just wanted to start our Looting tour has an honestly disturbing effect. Unfortunately, the Horror also suffers a little from Wear and tear. While one is initially still panicked, you will see yourself in the longer Course of the game more from where the Yogi Bear comes from with Intention of Murder and dodges it as described above. Otherwise, I am convinced of Camp Sunshine and would look forward to a Successor who can be a bit bigger. From me a clear Thumb up. Ps: For Spelling Mistakes, the Reviewer assumes no Liability and pushes the Blame onto his Keyboard.