krai's review of the game Camp Sunshine
Mar 9, 2019
Too generic, shallow and feels uninspired to me. Full of jokes and references, half of which are flat out dumb, and the other half are just cheesy in all bad ways and ruining the atmosphere even more than jokes. The game is even aware of the quality of its jokes, but that doesn't help whatsoever.

It is not a bad game though, and it has a decent pixel art here and there, especially for portraits. I love how portraits are drawn. Puzzles are so-so, not bad actually, if still kinda generic and dull.

But if you want a straight out great horror game made in RPG Maker, I'd rather recommend you to try Pocket Mirror. It's the best horror experience I ever have in my whole life, leaving Silent Hill 2, both original RE and Alone in the Dark, and The Cat Lady behind. It has beautiful art, glorious sound, compelling story, authentic references, and smart puzzles. And it's free.