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Devil May Cry HD Collection review
by Juri

The only good thing about this collection is that DMC1 and a playable DMC3:SE are finally on PC. The HD collection was also released for PS3, and it had lots of issues ranging from graphical to broken parts of the gameplay. Unfortunately, it seems all of this is now present on the PC version as well. All in all, Capcom made it clear that they don't give a shit about the series and its fans. So if you still have a PS2, get it on PS2. It's far cheaper and better in all respects.

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
A must!!!!! THE basis of the beat them all........ well before the "reference" God of war. A great universe for ultra-style characters. EPIC and collector bosses. But especially a hint, never take the DMC devil may cry, it is to vomit. It is better to settle for this HD Pack of very good invoice, of the 4 in Special Edition and very soon of the 5!!! Good old memories of youth have spent hours and hours to filing them from long to wide. To buy the firm eyes if you like this style of games.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Devil May Cry collection, edited and developed by Capcom. An old trilogy of an action game, grouping Devil May Cry 1, 2 and 3 that had totally revolutionized the genre at the time of the PlayStation 2. Attention however!!! I bought this Pack for one reason: Replay to devil may cry 1 hoping to regain the sensation of a great action game and my faith, the game has well held the time but the other 2 are not for all tastes. I go a simple summary this time because there are 3 games in one...: Devil May Cry 1: a game of action with Dante, a human-demon who, under the request of Trish, a mysterious woman, will leave on the island mallet save the world against Mundus , the Prince of darkness. A great action game where the blows rain and the corpses of enemies pile up; a game with a charismatic hero to wish that had rained to everyone at the time. Devil May Cry 2: probably the worst of all the devil may cry. Minecraft-worthy graphics with a poor gaming system and automated moves. You have to be strong to love this game... Devil May Cry 3: better done than Devil May Cry 2 but one thing blocked me Advi eternam vis-à-vis this game there: the makeover of Dante simply to vomit: between a new ugly face and a sexual Metro outfit, impossible to appreciate the game as it should be because one v constantly the character... Apart from that, good game with a lot of sympathetic content like the fact that each boss defeated offers a new weapon or the mini game during credits where one can shoot enemies the time of the generic. In the end, it's a great saga of action games. It was probably one of the best of the years 90. Being a very great patriot of the games "retro" because it possesses according to me a know-how that has disappeared nowadays, I would never be tempted by the suites (especially when I saw the face of the hero of devil may cry 5.... as usual, we devided thoroughly and we crash...) Here, I highly recommend for Devil May Cry 1 and Devil May Cry 3 (if you stand men dressed with clothes of 6 years old)
A lazy ‘remaster’ that is only worthy for players who have never tried these titles before. And I'm not even sure that you should try it now on your PC. The only thing HD about this remaster is that gameplay is now in 16:9. The textures, videos, menus are all the same. Another ‘major’ improvement is that they finally added subtitles to DMC1. It's playable, but these games deserve better.