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H1Z1: King of the Kill review
by Keravanjoki

This game hasn't resolved any of its problems like optimization for 3 years out on the market. H1Z1 is old and terrible, play Fortnite or PUBG instead.

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This game had potential, but since the devs obviously couldn’t care less, now it’s a pile of garbage. It’s been years and non of the games problems have been resolved. The game looks old as hell, and your better off getting some other game.
«Waste of time»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Update 22.04.16: I need to change my Mind after all. Since SOE HAS sold H1Z1, this can only mean that You no longer believe in further Success or the greatest possible amount of Money has already been extracted. After Planetside 2, I was convinced SOE can bring another Top Title, but that was probably wishful thinking. Since Daybreak Games bought this Game in order to earn Money, but a Completion of such an extensive Title takes Years and devours a lot of Money (see DayZ), one can assume that money is still being tried here with the simplest of Means. Squeeze out. You Can already see that in the Price Increase of 100%! By splitting up and double-selling the same Game. You will keep the Game running until you have faded off the remaining possibilities via Microtransactions and Sales, then all of a sudden it will be: "Sorry, we tried everything blah blah. We are so sad to inform you that the Servers will be switched off. " So I can only advise against the Purchase because it is neither finished nor has a great Future. In addition, it is outrageously overpriced, even in the Sale! Old Review: With H1Z1, a second major Title now takes the Stage after DayZ. The Hype surrounding survival Mê has already spawned many Games after DayZ, but only those two Titles will really end up being among the top titles. What makes H1Z1 INTERESTING is not only other Game Modes and Weather Effects, for example, but also The Free2Play Model. This puts it in stark Contrast to a 30 Euro Dayz and thus also appeals To players who do not want to invest as much. That the current Price then makes a lot of Criticism was clear. But then it is to wait, and probably even longer. And that's what the Developers probably have bet on, too. But years of Development can hardly be financed in any other way. Despite the Price, it is one of the Sales Hits on Steam, which shows how great the Desire for survival is. Even with player Numbers, like DayZ, it's way up. With Planetside 2, the Developer has already shown that large multiplayer titles on a Free2Play base and AAA quality are not necessarily mutually exclusive. So expectations are high, but I think they will be met in the End. Because already ten thousand Players have fun at the Game every day, although it is still an Alpha/Beta. About the actual Game: Work still needs to be done on the Graphics. There will certainly be some Improvements and new Effects or Filters to come, but you can already see that a DayZ will not achieve it. Nevertheless, the Graphics are quite ok, even if there are many mushy Textures etc. The Scope is also quite neat, although of course a lot still needs to be implemented. But you can already play it right. There are enough Servers with different Modes and no long Queues. Of course, everything is not going perfectly yet, there is still a little need to be optimized, several Bugs have to be removed and Animations revised or inserted. The Map is not as huge as DayZ. Whether you play H1Z1 OR DayZ is a Matter Of Taste. Each Game has its Unique Selling Points and Peculiarities, even if the Game principle remains the same.
A great game with lots of potential! The gameplay has been improved heavily, compared to autumn. I bought it back in summer and I noticed a decrease in the number of players, but since New Year the developers started to update the game regularly and now it is a blast to play (and a free one at that). All in all, it is amazing battle royale experience!