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Destiny review
by Uneducated_Reviews

If not for the generic and at times cringy the dialogue is written, the story would be more interesting, which is a shame because the lore is amazing. My first hours with Destiny were pretty fun, it has a decent but unremarkable challenge but when I did hit the "final" main quest mission I have this feeling of deja vu, and from there I couldn't shake off that feeling.

When Destiny truly shines is when you play mandatory co-op missions, the thing is that even those missions will feel repetitive as the bosses are more like sponges for bullets. Another thing that I really liked besides the lore is the magnificent art direction, weapons, gear and graphic design of this universe are superb, music and landscapes in the other hand were cool and pretty but I'm not sure they were on the same height.

I really liked my time with Destiny but I also didn't overstay my time there, because as wide as the universe may seem to be, it sure can feel hollow pretty soon.
«Better with friends»

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