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Metroid: Zero Mission review
by FruitRings

Very fun, very concise. Played it for the first time last summer and was quite impressed with it. The environments, the atmosphere. You start out weak and gain more upgrades as you go, backtracking to earlier areas and accessing others you couldn't have before. There is a sense of power that is gained from this, as you easily incapacitate enemies that used to give you trouble. Mini-bosses from early areas become regular enemies in later ones. 

Minor spoilers - towards the end of the game, the genre shifts when you lose all your powers and it briefly turns into a stealth-horror game, as you run for your life from enemies that take you out in a single hit. You get your suit back eventually and start one shotting those enemies. It's one of the most cathartic moments in gaming I've ever had.

Story is minimal but still there, in the form of a 10 second cutscene that appears here and there. Nothing mindblowing, just some context as to why you're exploring an abandoned planet on your own. Sound and soundtrack are simple but very memorable. You'll hear the main theme over and over but you won't get tired of it.

Complaints are the amount of backtracking and possible confusion without a guide. This game is a maze and there's little indication of what you're supposed to do next. Also, difficulty ramps up near the end.

«That ending!»

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A great reimagining of the classic

+ Sense of progression through powerups
+ Well-designed map; balance between exploration and direction
+ Enhancements to Samus's moveset (Wall hang!)
+ Short and sweet 

- Hidden items rarely feel meaningful/rewarding
- Doesn't break new ground; just polishes formula (remake)
- Stealth "zero suit" section