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Pixel Dungeon review
by Merlijn Eskens

First off; this review is for the "Shattered Pixel Dungeon", a fan made spin-off that plays completely different from "Pixel Dungeon".

This game is great, and if you are looking for a solid game to put time in while without internet or on your phone, this should be your go-to.

Alright, so Shattered Pixel Dungeon (SPD) is a game that has you fight your way to the bottom of a dungeon. You only get one chance, if you fail, your character dies and you lose all progress.
The game is played on a grid and everything is controlled by tapping on it. (its a mobile game).

The first time you start this game, you may wonder why the game is not telling you anything.
"What is this potion", "How should I know there are traps here?", "Did my scroll just burn?"...
Those are common questions for new players. And the game will not tell you the answer to any of those.
In SPD, you are expected to figure out the rules of the game yourself.
Before you know it, you will find yourself figuring out the spawn rules for potions, scrolls and weapons.
You will learn the level you need to have to advance to the next floor, how many potions you need for that boss and so much more.
This, is where the game shines. SPD is a game you do not "first try", its a game that takes time and requires the player to learn all the rules of the game.

And then there is that moment that you -do- learn all the rules.
You figured it all out, you know exactly what and when to expect.
That's when you finally figure out how to consistently get to the lowest floors.
Dangerous monsters live here, and they almost all require you to re-consider what you've learned before.

Now, without spoiling the fun, go forth! Play this gem! And ehh, if you're new, play Warrior. He's by far the easiest character to start with and you'll want to survive in order to learn the game :)
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»
Never played any of Pixel Dungeon variants, but the original one is awesome, especially for those who new to roguelikes. Perfect starting point before venturing into overcomplexity of NetHack!

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
Escape the Dungeon as an amateur adventurer, I love Dungeon-crawler type games. Even the most basic can prove to be very appealing to my eyes. And this is the case with pixel Dungeon, which, despite its simplicity, offers as much pleasure as a Dungeon-crawler can bring. You need to explore the proceally created Dungeon, filled with traps and monsters, equip you and feed you with what you find indoors while increasing level to increase your combat abilities. Nothing simpler, would you tell me? And you would be right, if not counting the difficulty of the game approaching greatly a "die & retry" well-crafted. Just frustrating enough to give you the urge to start from scratch when your character finally falls into battle. Keep calm and smash the Goblin the gameplay is intuitive, we quickly acquire the knowledge needed to play smoothly, yet not removing anything from the difficulty of the game. The turn-by-turn side leaves any player time to notify and decrize to engage the fight or flee. The design is classic, neither too simple nor too complex. It is easy to differentiate the floor of the walls, the doors of the stairs, your character from the other creatures luring in the corridors. The ambient fog of war adds to the exploration atmosphere, as well as the ease of movement with the mouse. And the music, suitable for a game on Smartphone (since it is available on), makes it pretty good even if one would have liked something other than a 6 minute loop. Grab that sword and stick it where you can the fights are just as simple as the gameplay: click on the adjacent enemy, hitting you with your weapon. Choose a remote weapon (or wand) to hit enemies in the distance. Weapons and armor are not very varied, but what matters: scrolls and potions allow you to give your people bonuses or Malus, depending on your chance. The chopsticks also have different effects, ranging from teleportation to the magic of mass destruction. In short, every discovery in a safe or on the dusty floor of the Dungeon is interesting and little change your course in one shot. To summarize: pixel Dungeon is part of these little games that can occupy us 5 minutes as half an hour. We come back often and we enjoy coming back. We can quickly get tired of the music and the décor that only varies very little, but in the end, it's a hobby game, as we find on the phone, and we always like to have this "time" at hand. Rating: 7.5/10 the more: the game is intuitive, easy to take in hand and difficult enough to be fun without being frustrating. The less: little variation in music and scenery.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Best Rogue-like I know on the App Store. But that also means that the Appeal lies in the fact that it is _ very _ hard to successfully reach the End. A Star deduction for not really being self-explanatory.
Translated by
Microsoft from Dutch
I like the randomness of each level and the possible glyphs on weapons and armors you find in the game. However sometimes the game shuts down and i lose (partially) my save game and i start maybe like 3 floors lower with items missing in my inventory
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Only in English and paying. It is possible to download this game for free and in French version on Android so no! Buying this game is a scam. ITone is not correct to have all versions (including free es) of this game available to these users.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
You Have to say, as I mentioned in my previous review, that the game is really hard, too. It'S been a while now and I haven't been able to get through even the 10th floor. Also It would be nice if the enemies would leave objects (even equipment) once killed.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
The Game is a faithful transposition of "2 rogue" one of the first RPG years 80. The graphics are improved while the game dynamic is the same. There are all elements of a role-playing game (characters that evolve, magical objects that support it and increasingly challenging monsters) non-trivial Game.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Game really top for a year if not two I still do not get tired typically the small phone game taking ^^ I did not put 5 stars for one good reason, on Android it is entirely in French, even with a good level of English , it would have been great to be able to translate it entirely.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Please update the game so a difficult setting can be selected upon starting a new game.. No matter what I do, there is no way to go deeper than lv3 without dying from starving. There is no food around and the dimensions of the floors are waaay to big not to mention that to heal up u have to rest thus using up food.... This game is Awesome that 5 stars could not be enough. But the whole experiencing of fun is truncated by some mechanics that make the game "unplayable".no matter how hard you try, fun become pure frustration. Plus there is nothing to improve in order to make you tries become somehow easier. NB please fix the settings which got reset after every game. Such as the second slot option. Annnnnoying.