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by Juri

Everything would be great (style, graphics, game mechanics) if the game didn’t crashed. Twice. Because of a simple sound files loading as it seems to be. The losing in the middle of a run pissed me off. But if this is fixed, I’ll recommend Synthetik because it’s a good shooter that is really plays very smooth.

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Microsoft from French
Very very good rogue-Lite. If you enjoyed enter the Gungeon, then no reason to miss out on Synthetik. The game has a robot/technology style with well chosen colors and is rather pretty, the soundtrack is cool but is a little discreet on the other hand. The number of weapons, objects, class upgrades will not leave you hungry. Everything is well-dosed and there is really enough to do. The gameplay is nice is the very well chosen difficulty, in fact, it is up to you to choose whether you want to suffer for the loot by adding mutators to your runs (weapons that curl, overheating higher, faster projectiles etc.). The weapons have a very nice feeling, and killing the mob is well done. The game gives a challenge and is also playable in Coop, so this is also great! One of the most important aspects of a rogue-Lite is the evolution between runs. Here we feel it very well, between runs it increases its class with new perk etc. No deception for my part, if you enjoy this kind of rogue-Lite, frankly do not hesitate, you will find your sauce widely with this title.
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Microsoft from French
Find the test written on: the video test this is here: summary: synthetik: the futuristic roguelite shooter indie well cotton!!! It's going to get out!!! + + Intensity and frenzy of gunfights. + + The tons of guns, upgrades, items and bonuses to collect. + + It's fluid, it's farting everywhere and it never stops. + + Random loot that adds to the challenge. + + 2 game online. + Fast and smooth even when 20 blokes arrive and explode everything on the screen. + The bosses. + For the angry keyboard and masochists. -A poorly dosed difficulty. -Graphically, Synthetik takes us back a few years. -Some collision problems with the décor (one often remains stuck between 2 objects). -The ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ pyrotechnic on the screen that sometimes makes the action illegible (wherever it is my man?!). --Some bug problems and crashes. --In multi: unstable connections, crashes and frequent lags. --50 players online at peak times = not easy to find a game. Too bad the game deserves better in terms of notoriety.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Definitely one of my top games of 2018. The Game features several hundred different Weapons and Items, each divided into different Step-by-strength strengths. With the Items, you have everything from the classic flash bang to Sentries to the Airstrike. The Weapons are completely different overall and here, too, there is something for everyone from the Well-known Shotgun To the Sawmill Launcher and the Laser ' P9000 '. In Addition, there are 4 Class Types that come in 2 Variations. You can equip These with special Class items and Modules to create beautiful Synergies. In Addition, each Sub-class has a special Effect and you can level to improve it even further. Before throwing yourself into a Round, however, you should adjust the Difficulty. For This you can turn on different Mali, which, however, all still give Bonuses. The whole thing brings you more Honesty and Data (In-game currency). The Gameplay is very pleasant, there are different Opponents and Bosses, even if they are slow to be repetetive after the 50th Run. A big Bonus for me is that there are no Micro-Transactions. The only thing you can buy are Supporter Packs, which do not bring game-deciding Bonuses. There are regular Updates that bring new Content, but also one or the other Bug. Overall, I highly recommend the Game.
The game has at least two undeniable features: awesome weapon customisation (and everything connected with guns, actually) and the level design. Every location is unique and full of loot so you can get everything you want there. The new stuff appears again and again so it never becomes boring. Of course, the enemies will try to stop you - very strong enemies though. This game is really hard but balanced so it’s up to you to be more skilled. Want even the higher difficulty - use additional modifiers. Synthetik will be a great choice for those who like Dead Nation or Enter the Gungeon.