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PixARK review
by Bambei

This game is an excellent choice for people who seek for pain and suffering from gameplay. Maybe there is something interesting there but it’s just invisible because of lagging.
«Buggy as hell»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Update after nearly 70 Hours: I'm still thrilled. Still no Crash. The occasional FPS burglaries became a bit Rarer. The Programmers are diligently weeding out in the Bow. Currently annoying: Driving a rail Vehicle around Curve almost always leads to derailing, The Refrigerator is a Joke because the Meat is still gamming. Just use Lemons: Keep Long, Heal something and also quench Thirst. Am jez level 46 and I'm already looking forward to autonomous Guns for Bad-science defense ...--------------------------------------------------------Hi, now I've played 28 Hours ... I have also read the negative Reviews, but I cannot comprehend them in their extreme Evaluation. The Game captivates you after a very short Time (always provided you have a Soft Spot for Minecraft). I'm a rather cosy Player and I'm only little out of the Starting Area. I now have Level 32, a sizeable "Base" and had Mass fun along the Way. Taming the Dinos is fun, the Sense of achievement after the first Flight on a Dino Fantastic. That a Descent in Flight led to Death by a Lightning Strike, I then found (it was the Maiden Flight) not even so wild. That an Alpha Game certainly still has annoying Shortcomings (Bugs I don't even call this) is normal: > After Logging back, my Quest log says I don't have a Quest that Tells Questbox that I have to give up my running Quest first ... It is sure that it will be fixed soon. > That when I Fill with Fuel I can only release the whole Stack (into the Chest, or from it I can share from it) OK, still Sponge over it. But the Game runs most Of The time without Rucklers, I had no crash, EVEN otherwise no other Problems with the Performance (OK, would have surprised me, GTX 960, Ryzen 1700 +) That all the Flight engines attacked me in Plain sight when I had lifted one of their Eggs, Then I would smile, because I found that a nice Detail, in which you as a Player realize that the Programmers are thinking along and are there with Zeal. If now some Players think that the Opponents in the next Zones are far too heavy, then I prefer to know here: Preferably find Permanent challenges in the running of the Game than after 4 Days complain that it would be too difficult. I myself first put down rare Objects, and then test a Angrif on an unknown Opponent. If I am dead, I will come again later. In this Sense: If You like Minecraft, you can access without hesitation. The Skillsystem and the various Equipment and Weapons alone are worth it. Christian Anzinger
Well, for the game in Early Access it’s quite good and I had fun playing it. Just three things need to be fixed: too crowded official servers (40+ people, it’s so trashy) mining hitboxes is buggy inventory of storage is designed badly. I don’t want to scroll it for 10 minutes to find the item I need! But these problems are not that big though, so in general I like the game.