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Full Throttle Remastered review
by Bambei

I don’t have any nostalgic feelings about Full Throttle so I can freely criticise the Remastered edition. As for me, the game just doesn’t pass the test of time. It’s visually upgraded but that’s all it can offer. The story is too short, linear and full of annoying characters that are too simple to develop. The gameplay is confusing either: the controls are clumsy, the puzzles are hard to solve because there’s no logic in them. And the highway segments are the worst part of the game.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"Full Throttle Remastered" is an April 2017 Remake of a classic Point & Click adventure from Double Fine Productions. The Original has already 12 Years under its Belt and was developed by LucasArts. In its Time, the Original was the first Adventure Of LucasArts, which appeared exclusively on CD-Rom, which can hardly be imagined today. Reviews + Contemporary Graphics + Funny Dialogues + plot + Beautiful, matching Soundtrack + successful remake! +/-Partly some long-winded Plot + Gameplay A Motorcycle, a Biker and a Giant Conspiracy. This is the Stuff that makes this Adventure. As The leader of the "Polecats," you happen to encounter the Boss of the Nation's largest Motorcycle Manufacturer in a Scrapped bar, who wants to heat up on his old Days again with a few Bikers across the Highway. And you're already stuck in the middle Of a Story full of Intrigue, Bikes, slanted Entrepreneurs, snappy junkyard Baits and a Romance. More is not to be revealed at this Point, only so much: It is about Life and Death! And Bikes! ---Gameplay---The Game is built more like an interactive road movie, there are quite a few Cutscenes that drive the Story. As a result, however, the Game is no less exciting, but all the more atmospheric. In keeping with the classic Point & Click Adventure, you move and interact at the Click of a mouse. Unlike other Classics like "Monkey Island," you won't find a "Command bar" at the bottom, but the Interaction is called via a "button menu." Clicking on a Hotspot will see the Menu with the "Talk," "Watch," "take" and, as befits proper Bikers: "Step." But you don't need more to master the Game. In order to shorten "longer Paths" (which do not actually exist in this Game, but there are always a few Hectates), the Image can be changed directly with a Double Click on the respective "Leave" Section. But as a real Biker Game, of course, one thing must not be missing: The Action. And there are some of them in a Game section, because you have to knock the Members of other biker gangs into your Suitcase! This can drag on a bit in places, but it's also a lot of Fun. But it's best to get a Picture of it for yourself. Graphics + Sound Compared to the Original, the Graphics are, of course, far better, much sharper and detailed. But even before current Games "Full Throttle Remastered" does not have to hide, the drawn Graphics are made with Love and stick to the Presentation of the Original in 100%ig. Another Delicacy Of this Game is the Sound. Or This ingenious Composition of a Soundtrack! The Music is neatly attuned to any Scenery, a Mixture of basic Rock and atmosharian Sounds that fill the Story with Life and create an incredible Fun at the Game. This even goes so far that you just look at the entire End Credits. Just to enjoy the Music. And that End credits are long. As for general Hardware, "Full Throttle Remastered" is rather sufficient. According to the team, 4GB of RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz and a Graphics Performance in the Range of a GTX 260 and Radeon 4870 are the Minimum Requirements, but you don't need much more to enjoy this Adventure. Conclusion An absolutely rock Solid Remake of a Classic Of the adventure genre – something other than a clear Recommendation can't be made here. If you have already played the Original, you must not miss the Reissue! But even Newcomers can only be encouraged to play this Game, it's just scary fun! With this In mind: Full Throttle – Give full Throttle!
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
Awesome Love it Until I get stuck in an infinity-loop in the mine-roads. Cant get out of it. Every Time i try to go offroad the sequence of turning at an endpoint show and Im back, getting chased on the road again. Will update the grade if this get fixed. Update: Okay, so what happened was I stopped the fertilizer truck but instead of tipping it over I drove off. Then when I got chased I got stuck in a bug where I got chased and they didnt crash so Id end up at the gorge, then going back Id end up at the mink farm and get chased again. And so on it went. I restarted at the fertilizer truck, tipped it over and finally got past the gorge. Update 2: Finished it. Fun. But! A lot of errors. Skipping by holding on to screen really skipped a lot of parts I wanted to see, since while choosing or playing you hold your finger on the screen. Then a video comes on and skips before you react. No way of jumping back. The controls are very sensitive. If you click unnoticeable off of where youre supposed to nothing happens. Like when you release the bunnies on the mine field its super hard to move closer and closer. A lot of these tiny little issues really ruin the gaming experience. Also it freezes from time to time and is really lagging sometimes. Though my rating holds.
The game wins and fails in many things at once. Among the good stuff are dialogues, music and the original pixel art visuals. I also like the story and the puzzles. However, the graphical makeover is pointless and makes the game look worse. The motorbike combat is horrible too. But the biggest problem of the game is its linearity: with all the choices you have in dialogues there’s still one path. And it’s short.
As an old fan of the game I can say that it’s OK if you’ve never played Full Throttle before but if you want some nostalgia, better skip it.
Brought back some nice childhood memories and the new updated graphics were just awesome.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»