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Team Fortress 2 review
by Keravanjoki

The matchmaking needs to be fixed. Now it’s so horrible that completely ruins everything good I love about this game.

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This was the best multiplayer FPS out there when it was released.

But it's been a long time and honestly I have no idea what happened in the interim.
TF2 is 13 years old at the time of writing of this review, and the game is showing it's age.  The constant evolution of the game over the decade plus it's been around has made for a higher quality gaming experience, while at the same time turning the engine into a creaking structure buckling under it's own strain.

TF2 is a staple of Steam multiplayer games running on the Source engine.  It's original design philosophy is a case study for game designers of all stripes, and the art style of the game is beautiful and unique.  The characters are all interesting, with fun voice acting and lots of personality.  Hearing the characters banter with each other was a mindblowing bit of immersive storytelling at the time.

The extended "lore" developed around the game, from bricks of Austrailium , the introduction of MANN CO, and the high value of gravel, is fun and unique.  The comics, stories, and short form videos are all gems.  And the Saxxy award winning community videos are amazing.

The game is on the old side, though, and it has it's flaws.  But it's free to play, so if you can find a server not crawling with aimbots and hackers, it's worth playing a few rounds of this classic.
«Liked before it became a hit»
tf2 is the best game ever created 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
creative way to do multiplayer fps
Stress reliever,
or stress inducer.

Good times.
An amazing online multiplayer class-based FPS by Valve.
One of the best online experiences on PC.
«Can’t stop playing»
I have far too many memories with this game to ever truly part away from it. It's always been a classic and always will be.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
This Review refers to the latest Update and Introduction of Competive Mode ... Why am I playing hundreds of Hours of this Game? Why do I spend whole Nights with Friends in the most diverse Game modes of TF2? Because Team Fortress had one thing until that Moment that set it apart from other Casual Shooters ... ES GEHT ONLY UM SPASS. TF2 didn't need Rankings, it was a Speil you played from SPASS. MAn wanted to find out the endless Possibilities of the Classes and explore the lovingly designed Maps. Now I wait 20 Minutes for a Game just so I can wait 10 Minutes again because someone is afk and he can't be kicked. The Competive Modues destroyed this Game; In COD Fashion, the Players get excited about everything and everyone because you don't want to lose your sooooo beloved Points. As for the new Layout ... Personally, I hate it; It's unnecessarily complicated, unnecessarily not written and it takes far too long to start a simple Game. I have not invested 50 Hours in the new Update and can explain to you in detail what is like where, that's because I don't want to put 50 ' hours into this System when the first two game Sessions have already annoyed me. I will leave Team Fortress alone for some Time. Did they maybe put it out in such a hurry because Valve feels (on good Grounds) threatened by Overwatch? Right-Valve has now received serious Competition for the very first Time and we see what this "Competive" has brought-Valve destroys Team Fortress itself
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Microsoft from Deutsch
(Just before you get to the review: I can't decide whether to make them more serious, or leave it that way. You decide. Thanks in Advance) From because of New is better. Team Fortress 2 is 7.5 Years old and troz this with one of the most played games in the World. If you think directly now: "Uuh, the Game is free to play, I have to buy everything to be able to play anyway," you can go right back. TF2 has been freely made available and you can buy weapons and Cosmetics, but you don't need it! All Weapons in the Game are equally strong and differ only in gameplay, similar to the 9 Characters in the Game: 1.: Scout: For Players who like to run around and want to be fast at the Front. 2nd: Soldier: Can Jump rock and fire rockets. 3rd: Pyro: Has Fire under the Butt. 4.: Demoman: Shoots Grenades, is Black, Scottish and Alcoholic. 5.: Heavy: A Lot of Damage, but is slow. 6.: Engineer: For People who can't meet. 7.: Medic: As the Name suggests. Medic. 8.: Sniper: For People who can meet. 9.: Invisible, and pushes something in from The Back. Fun aside, although the Game has existed for so long come non-stop updates out and never let the Game get boring. The Game has many Modes like which everyone knows: Capturing the Flag or taking Over points. But there is also MvM: Man vs. Machine, is a Coop Variant from TF2 where players have to prove themselves against huge Hordes of Robots. There is nothing to fault about the Game, in my Opinion. Thumbs up and Hail to you Gifts. PS: Team Fortress has 12 Letters and there are 9 Characters! 12 – 9 = 3 Team Fortress 3 confirmed!!!
Nowadays it's a mess of tacked-on features, but the core gameplay hasn't taken a scratch. The best class-based FPS ever made, and it's free. Playerbase has remained stable since at least 2013, play it if you can.