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deep space waifu: FLAT JUSTICE review
by Imban

(This is copied from my Steam review.)

A standalone expansion for Deep Space Waifu, Deep Space Waifu: Flat Justice is twelve additional stages, complete with several new bosses which continue the trend from Academy of being significantly harder and more interesting than the ones in the base game. In addition, it continues having surprisingly good audio design and mostly consistent visual design - though I felt some of the girls who make up the backgrounds were poorly-drawn this time around, most notably Pucky - as well as adding new features by having new versions of your main weapon unlocked as you go through the game, giving you spread shots and somewhat strange piercing shots to choose from in addition to your standard focused shot.

As I said about the original game, it comes through with its premise, even though the premise is incredibly silly, and my gripe about the stages feeling samey is significantly alleviated by the better boss design in this expansion. It's an incredibly short game, at under 2 hours, but given that it's a $2 fanservice game, this is probably to be expected.

As with the original, I'm going to give Flat Justice a thumbs-up, and recommend it over the original because it does everything even better. My few caveats - that it's not worth going out of your way for, that it feels incredibly sleazy, and doesn't really work as porn - still apply, but it's still a competently made, if very easy, shooter for $2, complete with naked anime girls. If that sounds like what you want, it's not going to let you down.

EDIT: They patched in a 13th girl as a postgame bonus. I'm pretty sure her boss is reused from one of the previous level sets, but it was a free bonus so I'm not really going to complain.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Looking at this and my previous Review to a similar game, my friends might say: "Steak, you fookin weirdo weeb" or "What are you doing with your life man" . The answer to that is very simple: "Waifus! And lots of 'em at that, bud!" " I just love Danmaku-type games, which are more commonly referred to as bullethell games. (although i am terrible at those)" Now to the actual review... Gameplay-wise this game is very similar to the original one, with a few extra additions such as new Upgrades and Specials (actually not sure if thats the term for them) and a "story" or rather a narration, along with a gallery. Now, when playing this game, one might say: "show bob and vagene" and wonder where the bob from the previous game went.... Well simply put, there is no bob , which seems to add to the delight of many fellow gentlemen. still a 5/7 game, perfect score (PS: A little more bob wouldnt have hurt though) *cough* (PPS: "when is the next one coming out? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) ) *more coughs*
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Sometimes you have the FEELING that NO Deutscher plays these Games because I NEVER see any German-language review for it unless it is Highly Popular and touted by bots or because you have to pay with the Credit card to even play the Game can see EA. Let's get started. Wide Space Woman: Flat Is justice is the following from the first Part of which allows the Duke Nukem of the Hentai Games to swing back onto his Motorad. This Time there is even a Plot why he shoots the Girls ' Clothes now. F. King Bear allowed himself to grow a male Mustache so that he can start with the Police because he has saved the World from an alien invasion. With the Salary of a Berlin Policeman He starts to data again on girls OH Schreck, the whole World is suddenly corrupted by a Gigantic Woman from Space who captivates the World with Her Tits. President John. F. Kennedy then contacted the Protagonist, who was the only one who was not corrupted BECAUSE he likes ALL Breasts. It is now again up to F. King Bear to save the World from a new Alien Invasion And that only works out in which he Did Young Flat-breasted girls. Some would say it's Underage girls: Technical Jargon Loli But that would be criminal and Steam would never do anything like that ... It's as much as it is in the first Part. The same Mechanic, the same Principle. An Arcade Shooter with good Music and the Goal to lay Free Anime. Here, the Nude Patch Also works as in the first Part. There are new Skills, new Bosses and a story plot of Their own. Missing only one Ranking already would be THE Game PERFECT. There are also Players who think this Game is bad (of Erotic Quality) and who point to another Oo game. No Idea why but the Ore games that are being touted are really expensive, so I think this Game is also good because it was made for the small Purse. The Girls in this Part have all including small to flat breasts, which also has its Appeal. Anime is I also think only the Reason why we Men also like small Or flat breasts. That's why Women and Girls of this World: Stop worrying about your Breasts or being Jealous of the Work Colleague just because she has a bigger Porch. All Women and all Breasts are Sexy.