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Rolling Sun review
by Imban

(This is copied from my Steam review.)

Rolling Sun is a My First Indie Game-quality platformer where you control a rolling ball with physics, instead of a normal character, and attempt to reach the end of each level while picking up all the glowing energy balls on the way.

It's a bit frustrating at first, when all you have is awkward movement (it was often hard for me to tell if I was too close to or far from the camera to land on a platform) and a single jump, but over the course of the six levels, you gain a double jump, an air dash, and a glide, all of which kill your momentum and allow you to recover from badly-thought-out jumps easily. The powerups past the double jump are rarely required, and mostly act make the back part of the game significantly easier than the beginning.

Ultimately, however, Rolling Sun felt out of place - in a lot of ways, this sort of 3D-platformer-with-janky-physics is much more common in Unity, and the fact it uses and brags about CRYENGINE is because the unusually pretty graphics are probably Rolling Sun's strongest point, even if the art direction doesn't always hold up. Its "My First Unity Platformer" qualities shine through strongest in the incredibly broken menus, which don't remember my graphics settings, don't have sound settings at all, don't show me what levels I've unlocked until I go into the extras menu and back out, and allow me to play the first two bonus levels even though I shouldn't have any of the four unlocked.

I guess it's interesting if you want to see what My First CRYENGINE Platformer looks like as opposed to My First Unity Platformer, but I'd have to say that's not worth anywhere near $5, and the game never really becomes all that fun. I found some of the second level to be the most awkward, but beyond that, once I started getting upgrades, it was never terrible, through the end of the normal game and the first two challenge levels.

(Note: I'm counting this one as a "finished game" review, but I only played the 6 main levels and 2/4 of the bonus levels. Some sort of bug let me play Bonus 1 and Bonus 2 without meeting the stated requirements, but I'm not willing to go through levels 1, 3, and 6 again or repeatedly in order to get all of the energy orbs in order to unlock Bonus 3 and Ultime Ascension.)
«Buggy as hell»
«Game over at last!»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Rolling Sun ... It's a short one, but it's a great adventure game. As a Ball, you roll your way through different Worlds, jump over Obstacles and collect magical, luminous Ball on your Journey. Over the course of the 6 Levels, you'll get Abilities, such As the Double Jump. The Game is basically light and you have the Choice of whether you want to play it with Keyboard or controller, where the Controller offers a more enjoyable Gaming Experience I find. The Developer has made very good Use of The Cryengine. The Game has a very good Graphics as a result. The Atmosphere is Great! The Physics, Light and Water Effects are very nice to look at. Combined with the pleasant and soothing Music in the Background, the Game is even more Fun. For Success Unfortunately, there are no Successes in this Game. Conclusion Rolling Sun, with a Playing Time of about 2 Hours, is quite short, but it is a very good Price for 1.99b. It is also still on Offer for €0.19000 until January 16. So If you are looking for a little change in a beautiful, atmospheric World with relaxed music and likes to play small, light Skill games, you will be in good hands here. Enjoy Playing:)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Unfortunately, I can't recommend the Game to others. It looks quite nice-my Computer Had no Problems with the high Graphics Quali. The Music is also ok (but even after a short Time I went on the Valley) ... But... The Levels are in pretty 3D Look ... And in different Places you think you can possibly go further forward or back. But in the End, it's actually just a Train-from left to right. Some Places can sometimes be easily viewed, especially since you cannot change The Camera perspective. Even in the first Level I didn't get any further at one Point because the Control of the Ball is just so modest. After x starts I left it annoyed. Unfortunately, the Fun Factor goes completely flushing within the first Few minutes. It is a great pity. I was actually really looking forward to the Game as I really enjoyed playing similar Games on other Platforms. I mostly don't give much on the Steam ratings. Here, though, I think I should have done it. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EDIT: I have now ventured to the Game again with a little Distance, this time with Keyboard (previously Controller). The Control remains relatively modest, but is still not quite as catastrophic with a keyboard as it is with a Controller. Hence my Recommendation: If ... Then with Keyboard ... Level 1 has now been terminated-halfway quickly. Still, the Frustration Is enough not to continue directly with Level 2. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EDIT: I just played my way through Levels 2 and 3. It's really unfathomable how bad this Game is. In between, the Control simply completely relines. Then the Ball rolls uphill or out of the Play area on its own. Remedy for a brief Moment is provided by briefly steering in the Direction into which the Ball compulsively rolls anyway and then into the opposite ... Before that, you can counteract as much as you want ... That doesn't interest the Bullet at all. But you can never tell when the Ball will go anywhere. That can happen at a standstill, while Rolling, in Flight ... Always. Luckily, I have now released all The Collectible cards, so I probably won't touch the Game again. -> A MEGA MEGA NO TO THIS SPIEL!