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Snuggle Truck review
by Imban

(This is copied from my Steam review.)

Snuggle Truck is basically like a Trials game - control your vehicle using accelerate, brake, and tilt forward/backward, attempting to get to the finish line as quickly as possible. However, unlike Trials, where you ride a motorcycle and must avoid doing a flip or otherwise letting the rider hit the ground, in Snuggle Truck you drive a much more stable pickup truck... with nine stuffed animals loose in the back, which you have to keep as many of as possible from hittinig the ground. At times you get activatable powerups, either a cage that keeps your animals inside for a few seconds while you do maneuvers, or that plus rocket boosters for the same time.

There's not much to say about Snuggle Truck, really. It's like Trials if it was a small-team indie game, but Trials Evolution Gold Edition is right there and easily worth the $20 instead of the $5 this costs. Sadly, both of these games have gotten worse since launch, Trials Evolution by going through uPlay, Snuggle Truck having shut down its level-distribution server so that only the 41 levels included with the game are available.

I don't really recommend this, but mostly because there's strictly better games available, rather than because it's bad.

(Note: This is actually another of my unfinished-game reviews, since while I completed every level up to Hard difficulty (30/41), I got kind of bored with the game and wrote it off as one I wouldn't be coming back to, either to obtain the badges I missed or to play the Extreme levels. Feel free to take this with a grain of salt as necessary.)
«Waste of time»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
I Decided, in short, to get all the medals in the game and a ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Xyel: Everything went well, were annoyingly complex lvly, but what I saw next, gave me the desire to go to the army under the state contract and never appear Online. Just stupid because of one curve of a lie. My car in 9/10 cases stuck in one place. And in 1/10, she threw up all my dumb beasts in the orphanage. Despite this, the LVL was able to pass, but because of such a wild robe I began to necrosis Е6ala. And then I remembered what a small penis I had, so I fell into a depression. I da, kak zhe ya ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Lsya Zhdat ety met Kartochky
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Goal is to bring the Animals we have in the Car to the Zoo. Only the Way there runs the Levels harder and harder, as Obstacles, Holes and much more stand in Our way. It's always about the Same and becomes a casual Game as a Result. -No Story-no upgrade of the Car etc-the next Level of Difficulty is only unlocked once you have earned a certain Number of Medals-only an Item that you can collect + collectable extra animals + several Difficulty levels or light, medium, Heavy and extreme Level + Idea + graphics fit It is not a Brilliant Performance in my opinion overall, but for a few Levels you will always be worth playing. A Tick could have been better implemented as you quickly lose interest. Buy On Offer under £1
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Here's a nice little game! Snuggle truck is one of his many games that has spent time and is rather friendly to play. The goal is to save stuffed animals in a pickup truck that goes deep on time in the desert, in the mines or in a forest. Eeeetttt that's it. I don't have much to add on the games since that's what it is. So yes certainly there are a very large number of levels and the games has a server or players can put their personal card which lengthens not badly the lifespan but the gameplay remains very limited, we often redo the same thing again and again and then it Fau t say it, the graphics are very simplistic, the music is rather nice but its does not make the app or a masterpiece, nor indispensable. So I am reluctant but it remains very pleasant and is perfect for a child who wants to have fun a few minutes. (Besides the games exist on Tablet/Smartphone, support or the games would do well!) (I specify that I positively note the fun that he has given me and not the technical aspect or I would have been a little more severe)
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
But why only four stars? The control method of activating its power-up is not really good. Would rather have a button to press instead of shaking his iPod / iphone. Most often ends with losing your teddy bones, and lacking effect. To the devs: Please add a button for the power-ups :-)