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Dark Tower review
by Imban

(This is copied from my Steam review.)

Dark Tower is another puzzle game in the guise of an RPG, taking after the free indie game Tower of the Sorcerer, the Steam game DungeonUp, or the DSiWare game Crystal Adventure. This one may well be the worst of those, however, because many of the key fun elements of the genre are missing.

The puzzle elements of the genre are fairly simplistic: Basically, fighting monsters is completely deterministic, and you can tell what the results of any fight will be before you get into it, in terms of how much damage you'll suffer, so you just need to figure out what order is the best for fighting things, what to put off fighting until you're stronger and can defeat it without taking damage, et cetera.

However, unlike all the other entries into this genre, you can't actually tell what an enemy's stats are until you fight it, and you can't attempt to fight an enemy that you wouldn't defeat, so if you run into an enemy you can't beat, the game doesn't tell you whether your attack is too low or your defense is too low, you just need to spend points and pray, and reset the game if you can't do that or if you did it wrong. The game also autosaves after every step, so there is no way to save before fighting an unknown monster and see if the results are acceptable. In addition, Dark Tower is pretty much entirely lacking in puzzles OTHER than determining the best order in which to kill everything, with essentially no level puzzles or secrets.

In conclusion: No, even if you like this genre it's not a good entry. Buy DungeonUp instead if the genre sounds interesting.
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