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FIFA Mobile Soccer review
by Roman Slobodyanyuk

Microtransactions & gambling simulator.

That`s all I can say about this game.

But I still hope developers will change their mind and will make this game better. I hope...
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
The game Beautiful complete and all about this is not discussed however there is a small flaw for me in the way that the prizes are given in events especially in the heroes... I do not say that players must give them for charity however I will have spent about 7/8 thousand FIFA point all accumulated in the campaigns and spent in the hero pack... Every time always a disappointment never a Hero player ever... Not even then with all the hero points that I accumulate and then take the coats of arms of the teams and I also bought the hero player package that of 50 coats of arms to one but never ever anything very disappointed about this and I'm stuck for this reason on the upgrades for Ronaldo for Because I can not go on a whole line because I have no hero players... Then you play in Vsattack and you find yourself against people who have more than one hero in the team so I think they are given to those who want them and for this reason I give 2 stars I am so sorry Then over in Vsattack mode matches that are rigged to 100% and then always more teams for You just sometimes as much as you that make you lose even against these... Type I now Valgus GEN 89 and with one of 90/91 there's I can do it however I give people of 98 even 100 and this happened to me even when I was worth 80 then never good bargains you can clearly see that the opponents have in huge quantities because they mark every second to me ever
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
The game system with the energy that recharges as time goes by may well go well even if it is not fully in the FIFA style (I would rather pay 5 euros and buy the game so you can play as much and as I want instead of waiting..). The Graphics practically did not make progress and the longevity of the game is given only by the very long goals to conclude and not because you feel really want and pleasure to play. You can No longer play in real time with opponents as it was in the past and what is proposed as such (VS ATTACK) is a frustrating game experience for nothing in real time: the opponent always has 15 seconds more during the meeting to flip results Practically impossible, and 99% of the time happens that you end a 6-0 and you find yourself defeated by 6-8!!!! Making you think that they are definitely manipulated outcomes. And even a rag of Telecronaca is missing. I Ask EA to make the download available again from the FIFA 12 store so that I can download it again and delete this embarrassing version. Thanks Update review: Congratulations, you have updated the game by deleting years of progress (and money spent) of the profile of players: level, team players, uniforms, etc etc. Player Profile again at level 1, and my team VGEN 95 brought to even VGEN 50. Embarrassing.