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Hitman: Absolution review
by Barton Lynch

«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
«Beaten more than once»

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Absolution is considered the black sheep in the series, but it doesn't change the fact that the gameplay is fluid, rock-solid and has an emotional story unusual for the series
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Even if the Review is late and the Game is no longer the Youngest. So I can recommend it to others. The Order mode In particular ensures that the Game does not dub on the Plate. And that's exactly what makes it sympathetic And provides a lot of Pluses, the only Wehrmutter: The Orders Sometimes repeat themselves in terms of content. But hey, there's Cash;) The Game is also successfully easy for Non-professionals to cope with. And if you are a Success Consuler, you will also get your Money's worth here. And if only it is to beat the Competition in Order Mode. It seems strange why an emotionless professional Killer mutates into the Protector of a little Girl. But first And foremost, for 47, it is important not to disappoint Diana. She may be the only Person he trusts. Even if sometimes it's not entirely clear what Goal Diana is really pursuing. But this Protector instinct of 47 Makes him likeable and is bound to be a small Attempt To make killer plays stand a little better before being waved again with the Index Flag (which might also have served as a Weaving purpose;)), as if to the first Hitman Part. And while 47 goes out of his way to protect Victoria, he has a lot to deal with. Sneak, shoot, trick, everything is there. I find the Level Design enormously successful. If you look closely, you can see the Attention to Detail, which I find very positive. Even if the Murmalism in the Orphanage seems somewhat illogical. But we want a Killer Game and not a Pony court. If you find the Instinct Mode caustic, you can put it on Super Heavy, then you can put it away. I don't think the HUD System is so great either. But by now I got used to it and it doesn't bother me so enormously. That's when I found the Attention Bar in Blood Money a little better. In terms of versatility, completing the Levels, they're okay. The Cut is three different Solutions. The 47 n Sniperrifle can clamp unnoticed under arm is due to Gameplay. Logical Bag use has fallen by the Wayside here. Wear it with Version. Where there was also a bit of a swash-in, the AI was, but that only stands out when editing the Successes. And so sometimes makes for a Smile. Unfortunately, the Music is not by Jesper Kyd, but still succeeded well. The whole Game operates in a very different League to its Predecessors. For one thing, it's because of the styled graphic Design. In six Years, a lot happened in this Area. And that's where the Manufacturer has let it crash graphically. Nothing is more reminiscent of the rudimentary gritty Killer game. But the Nature of the Orders has remained the same. Only the Atmosphere is different. It's just the Question of what you want. If you want to experience deadly Orders again at 47, then you will not be disappointed with Absolution. But if you Want a second Blood Money and Co., it may be difficult. Hitman has become the Glossy Game. And everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to participate. But it's a Glossy Game that the Manufacturer has put a lot of Effort into. And I Think that was worth it. And similar Omens can be seen in the next Hitman. Sneak, shoot, trick.
It might be as well called Splinter Cell: Absolution, because it’s very disappointing for a fan of the series. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game and may be fun to play, but you expect the depth and non-linearity from a Hitman title, and they are just not there. So it’s a solid ‘meh’ and absolutely not what I hoped for.
«I could make it better»