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Spintires: MudRunner review
by Tzeelim

The biggest problem of this game is the AWFUL multiplayer mode. It makes me ask questions, actually. Why are audio and visual stuff not synchronized? Why do we need to wait for one person to connect without a countdown? Why is the graphics so bad? Can’t you make it OK at least? I played it on gtx 1080 ti at 3440x1440 and pixels, pixels were everywhere! Especially at the night time. And I hate the ambient sound here, why can’t I turn it off? I also feel the lack of character or vehicle progression or a storyline to make this game make sense.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Surely it is strange at first when you re-released a pre-existing Game, but Hand on Heart:-The Maps only look identical at first Glance. The different Distribution, the Action Points, change the Gameplay as well as the detailed work at the Maps itself. Maps I knew from Spintires in My Sleep definitely don't work anymore with the Knowledge from Spintires here through the Rearrangement. There are many more Intermediate paths on the hurry of all Maps. The different Distribution and Unlocking of the Vehicles provide a lot of Fun, especially in Multiplayer, where not everyone always has only the same Vehicles to Choose from. -Challenges I have already Completed all with 3 Stars, were hurly all pretty beautiful. Not too hard, not too easy driving behavior in the Mud has been significantly changed. Whether better or worse everyone has to judge here for themselves. In any case, one stays much less often than in Spintires, and almost always gets free yourself. -Cab chamber (but Who is welcome to receive a Detailed Cab View)-I hope, however, that some Material is still being pushed. New maps (e.g. also from the workshop) would be nice, and the Headlights of the Players in The Multiplayer should already be seen (Light horn)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After almost 800 Hours of Spintires I was a bit sceptical about the Real, actually we already knew everything. On the Whole, I actually think MudRunner has been very successful, but the Levels have been revised in the Cornerstone right to Spin. Pros:-improved gas Game (Full Throttle does little to Help here, it does not help the consideration)-you don't get stuck on a "Mini" branch as with spin and suffer Damage while Trying to recover-Control is slightly changed but finally everything can be played with the Pad, I'm happy Very much. Was always a bit choppy with the "old" spin-The Vehicles seem more balanced on me-Multiplayer system has been well overhauled, Voive Is possible-Wood stays there at Loss and can be loaded again-Weight at Refueling has Influence (Tankers sink lower if You Have more charge)-Wind Ride in attached vehicle better-trees tear out at Wind Intake-Graphics partly better (Fluid Levels, water Movement, Engine running in the water, Environment) Negative:-angular mud at the Tires???? -Light Phase in Transition from Night to Day a bit annoying-Only 6 Cards-Tire no longer changeable at the vehicles-winds for "rescue" a little too weak-chat when loading with Crane unreadable (the Key Description is in the Way)-Maps for "hardcore player" far too easy un D no Challenge-Wood when Loading fellow Players sometimes not reusable with the Rental Player (the Cringstick of the Trailer is in the Way-you have to try a bit back and forth) which I still miss:-[solved with Update]: That you can only charge players in Multiplayer a certain one Quantity of Fuel or rep can give (would often be very important for "tacktic" reasons)-Now possible, You can pass steps-snow, ice and Rain spriting Tab if you stand everything but a good Look, l which the €14 is definitely worth. Diehard Spintires fans complain, but I don't think that's necessary. The Game has Potential and is already well on Its way with some Improvements. Keep it up!
As they say, you just had one job… and you did it perfectly! It’s a great mud-driving simulator that I enjoy so much. The co-op is awesome just as the maps - I like exploring them with my friends. I also see lot of support from the developers and that's really amazing. They add new maps so you can return to this game again and again and will never be bored. They also make DLCs if you want to expand your experience. We still have some problems with new features but I’m sure they’ll be fixed ASAP. You’re still reading this? Go try the game yourself!
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