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Endless Space 2 review
by Tzeelim

The main thing you need to do in this game is to concentrate on growing food and the planetary infrastructure. The best investment is Ground assault equipment, also try to save political influence not to get distracted by negotiations. Your fleet should be in motion but think before invading somewhere. Strongly recommended.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
If you know Endless Space or Endless Legends and Have liked to play, you can give yourself my Review and strike directly. If you didn't like the two Games, Endless Space 2 won't be a good Purchase for you. For anyone who has NO IDEA what to expect here, I write a short review. What is it all About? Endless Space 2 is a classic 4x lap strategy game in Space. We choose a Species, get assigned a Home Colony, and then begin to explore the surrounding Planets and Star systems (EXplore), enlarge Our small empire (eXpand), exploit existing Resources as well (eXploit) and our Destroy Enemies (eXterminate). This Progress happens in a rotting-by-step way, who has played Civilization and other building strategy games knows this turn-based game. Who didn't play Civilization: Where have you spent the last 25 Years?? This build-up mix is garnished by Quests that encourage us to advance certain Research or explore specific Systems. In the Process, one encounters side species, which can be brought to your Side or even assimilated by Skillful ACTION and even assimilated and at Opponents (Computer-controlled AI or other Players in the multiplayer), who are soothed, bribed or even with a diplomacy menu. War-statements can be exaggerated. Fights are represented by a Juxtaposition of the respective Ship Fleets, the Player then has an Influence on the Combat Exit, depending on the equipment of his Fleet and previous Research, by assigning certain tactics to the Combat. The actual Fight then takes place independently and is represented in a 3D view. If you are afraid of the Complexity, it should be explained that the Game offers an extensive Tutorial And that the Difficulty of the Game is also from very simple to very difficult to adjust. However, it takes some Time to find your way through the flapping Menus and correctly assign the constantly flopping Event images. Brief conclusion: Pro's:-Beautifully hand-drawn, partly animated graphics, great Representation of the Star Systems and the Map-Through many Species and Winning Conditions of very high Replay value, it will hardly resemble a Game of the previous one -Complex Research trees and Economic Cycles require clever forward Planning bridle to toppender Soundtrack of epic beauty and secure company developers, who have always had plenty of Support in Shape for his other Games so far Shown BY some free DLC, Con's struggles seem repetitive to me and could also have done well without the 3D representation-quest system sometimes seems a bit nested and cluttered, here would have a slightly better e marking which Quest is time limited and when, which helped, but this is moaned at a high Level for me a clear Buy recommendation for all those who like to play round strategy. If you can start with Lap strategy and what is looking for with a lot of Action, you won't be a fifth-but then you have chosen the wrong Department anyway.
The huge problem of this game - every interaction with the opponent AI leads to war. I tried it many times but failed to create any relations with other factions without a conflict. So you have only one playstyle and it makes the game boring already after the first campaign. The first Endless Space was better for me.