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Dark Train review
by krai

Absolutely gorgeous game. Without dialogues, but with excellent sound design and beautiful cut-out animation. Yes, it was made of paper. Although, some physics-based puzzles are infuriating, if you have patience you will be rewarded.
«Blew my mind»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Explore the Train and the Puzzles hidden in it without Assistance Dive into the harmonious Universe of Cardboard in which the Players are not given Explanations or assistance and everything has to be explored themselves. A long-missed Gaming Experience. Summary Story Mysterious Gameplay to explore graphic Uniquely music atmospheric Sounds This Review Was provided by the CURATOR program of the GGC Story The Story [] starts with an ominous Commission of a not The named Personality to Inventor D. W. Tagreving Years earlier. The unknown Person wanted a Model of the World of People with changeable Weather and anthropological Scenes, but without People. The Challenge for D. W. Tagreb was not to build them, because he already Produced functional Models of the Universe at childhood, but to invent a Vehicle that could deliver the Order. Since the Inventor and his last Client are separated by an anti-human Area, through which only rails led. Thus, Tagrebung built an autonomous Train with 4 Wagons, each with different environments known to it. The Change of Environments, as well as the Weather, happened through the different Combinations of Wagons. Thus, after the Completion of the Train and shortly thereafter, the Developer embarks on the Journey as a mechanical Squid by train, taking care of an Egg so that it can hatch. In order to reach the historical End of the Game, it takes just under 6 Hours, unless you can't get on with a Puzzle at all. Gameplay The Player is responsible for keeping the Train moving. During the Journey, the Player faces different Problems that need to be solved in order for the Ride to continue. The Control of the Squid happens completely with the Mouse. The Player is shown only a cryptic Image at the Beginning, after which the Screen turns black and the Player has to find out for himself what he has to do. The Main Element of the Game is the Puzzles and their Problem Solving. Solving the Puzzles is never really complicated just the Way to get there is the Challenge. Just like the Controls, the Puzzles are not explained and the Player faces the Challenge alone. This is the Charm of the Game. Graphic The standout Feature of Dark Train is next to the Game principle of Graphic style. Before the digital Implementation, each Scene was pre-built from Cardboard and the Result was later digitized. The Style is strongly influenced by Industrialization and goes a little in the Direction of Steampunk. This Mix has created a unique Style that distinguishes the Game from many other indoor Games. The Game works a lot with different Levels, so in the otherwise two-dimensional Space there is still depth that affects the Game. Visually, this has been implemented with the Help of smaller Details that do not catch the Eye directly. The Implementation of the Seasons and their Impact on the Environment has been implemented in an outstanding way. Due to the mainly black/grey Colour Palette, the Colours used for the Seasons have formed an impressive Contrast and at the same time created a suitable Mood. Also, only the Color used changes when Changing the Season, but the complete Scenery has a different Structure. Animations like the movements of the Squid Look fluid just like those of the Surroundings. Music Instead of a melodic Music song playing in the Background, the Player mainly listens to atmospheric Background noise matching the Buildings that appear in the Background. This may seem weird at first, but this has been chosen to match the entire Style, bringing the Charm of the Game even closer to the Player. Personal Conclusion Dark Train is a wonderful puzzle game, with an unconventional Concept. The Decision to omit explanations as well as the Narrative results in the player Perceiving the Game with his own Eyes and experiencing a gaming experience of his own. Of course, Exploring with Dead Ends is not for everyone. Nevertheless, it is worth a Buy recommendation for anyone who has a Spark of Interest. You can save a few Euros if you buy the Game directly from the Developer Paperash [] A Game that stands out from the Crowd and is Fun for more. Am excited for the next Game in this Universe When this Review suits you will be happy to follow our Review Program.