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Risen 3 - Titan Lords review
by Galadros

Great disappointment.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Risen 3 will be the first Game for which I take the Time to write on Steam a Review. Why? Because the Game surprised me unexpectedly positively and I feel obliged to express my honest Satisfaction to PB. I've been a Fan of the Studio since Gothic 1, but my Affection has declined somewhat in the Wake of Gothic 3 and the subsequent Drama about Jowood. At some Point I played Risen 1 and found it to Be good, then at some point also Risen 2, but the Feeling of back then never really came back. That has now changed with Risen 3. This Review is aimed in particular At Fans of the old Gothic Series, who are not sure whether they are correct at Risen. Let me tell you: You are. UMFANG (9/10) I have a relatively comprehensive Playthrough with about 45 Hours behind me. The Game tied me up in such a way that I couldn't let it work off every Task to end up with an almost empty Logbook. I broke into every Chest and explored every Cave. In addition, there is the Possibility to try out the other two Factions, each with its own Quest series regardless of the Main Story. So You get a lot of things on offer for your Money. GAMEPLAY (7/10) The Gameplay isn't perfect, it's never been to PB and probably never will. The melee combat system with Paring and Counterattacks is appealing, but also "chunks." You can get an evasive roll move from the Start that has hardly Any Cool-down. During the Roll, you move a few Steps in the chosen Direction and are invulnerable in time (about 1 Second). So You can roll around the Opponent, dodging the very predictable Attacks, while you shoot with the Gun every now and then and the Companion does the Rest. Even at high Levels of Difficulty, there is hardly any real Danger, especially later in the game. There are a few Boss Fights that are more or less demanding and some epic Surprises that I don't want to anticipate. It is the typical RPG feeling, you run around and do Quests, collect objects, upgrade your Armor etc. The Quests and Dungeons are interesting enough to keep in the Middle with sometimes positive Outliers. What was great for me as old gothic bunnies were the frequent Nods To past Gothic titles. You come across Mud, the Nerve Saw or suddenly have to go Collecting Beets, as at The Beginning of Gothic 2. The Main Story is also reminiscent of Moments from Gothic in many Places. Personally, I really liked that because it made the Game very sympathetic and my nostalgic Feelings were also aroused. GRAFIK (7/10) Nix special. A Bit outdated, very colorful, but quite coherent. Didn't bother me, but didn't carved away either. Accordingly, don't have much to say here. STORY (8/10) The Main Story has its Ups and Downs. You get in well and want to know what happens next, but later Come moments that seemed rushed and take the Fun of what is awesome, however, is the Amount of Side quests. So many little Stories are told, Fates of the South Idea, so to speak, that provide constant Entertainment. You walk around somewhere, stumble across a Guy by the Campfire and from then on anything can happen. Does he Go with a Hunt? Or is it an Obsessive? But just a Liquor Corpses? Of the 45 Hours of Playthough, at least half were on Sideshow, which are not necessary for the Course of the Story. There are no really big Cities anymore, but by bumping into People everywhere, you don't want to hang out in any Camp for long, but to get out and explore. Plus, at some point you have a pretty big Crew that's often worth talking to, as everyone has their own Story and unlocks Quests that allow you to better understand their Crew member. All in all, a stable Main Story and great Subplots. SOUND (9/10) Great Synchronization, the Voiceover is extremely extensive, I recommend everyone to listen to the Dialogues and not skip them. The Soundtrack is also great Class, as there is nothing to complain about. The only thing that bothered me a bit is the Sounds of the Creatures and The Undead, there was nothing where I thought "wow"-all heard. All in All Or TL; DR DAUMEN HOCH Good Role-playing With graphic Weaknesses. It was a lot of Fun for me as a gothic maniac and prompted me to write my first Review:D