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Conan Exiles review
by Tramandai

I spent in this game really much time, so trust me, it’s good. I like how it combines new elements of gameplay with classical ones, so I don’t have any problems to figure out what to do and how to craft something, for example. You learn new features as the plot develops but if something is still too hard for you, you always have another thing to do or a chance to run away from an enemy. The game is in development now, so I don’t think it’s fair to complain about some unfinished things - everything people hate today will be patched tomorrow. So I can recommend this game for everybody who like crafting and gathering and want to build their own tribal empire in the world of Conan.

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Early Access Review Provisional Review after 5 Hours of Play. The Graphics For a survival game it has a very good character creation (especially the most important, the breasts size, can be set). The World is very beautiful and detailed. You realise the World is handmade. The Nights and Sandstorms are stylistically beautifully implemented. Especially the Night is very dark so that you can not get far without a Light source. Survival The Survival aspect is formative-at least in the first Hours of Play. Hunger and Thirst especially at the Start Of the game (after 1-2 Hours, however, hardly any more) as well as aggressive Wildlife and Bearings with NPCs. Even after 4 Hours, it still dies quite quickly. Collecting The Accumulations of resources is based on most other survival games. Compared to Rust, it seems to me that you have to spend a little more Time collecting in Conan Exiles to achieve a comparable Result. The Craft The Craft is simple, extensive and, of course, Includes Weapons, Armor, parts of The building, Fluff and other Aids. Building The Building is similar in the Handling Rust and has a similar Scope in terms of parts of The building (Foundations, Walls, stairs, etc.). But Seemingly Offers more Fluff for Buildings. There are 3 Animals of Buildings. The Fight As Firearms gives only the Bows and Crossbows, with the Arrows and Bolts having a significant sloping Trajectory, which makes the Application difficult. As a second type of Ranged Weapons, there are Throwing weapons such as Throwing Axes and daggers. Melee Weapons include various Single-handed and Two-handed Weapons. There are Shields with Which you can actively block and you have the Possibility to dodge. The AI is still deficient and does little more than reach out to the Player in a straight Line. The Path Discovery is sometimes still faulty. The Fight is very bloody, which partly takes absurd and unrealistic Traits. The Controls are still very clunky and feel laggy. Other Features Stages and Leveling (Leveling) With almost everything you do, you get Experience and when you step up a Step you can learn new Recipes and increase different Attributes. Slaves (Thralls) You can catch NPC, break their Will and employ them as Slaves. These Slaves can-depending on the Species-take over craft Tasks or defend the Base. Clan There is a persistent clan system-on the Server. The server owner can limit the maximum Size of the Clans. This is to prevent large Clans from dominating a Server. Religion and Avatars You can worship a God and make Sacrifices to gain his Benevolence. With a certain Goodwill, one can summon an Avatar of God that you can control for 60 Seconds. By Summoning, benevolence expires and needs to be rebuilt. PvE There is a lot of PvE content. Among others are the Camp with NPC, Buildings, Veriese and Caves and Chests with Prey. Server The Servers have many Settings. The Client includes a graphical Administration Interface that already offers many Ways to manage the Server. Server Settings can be changed on-the-fly in-game. Many Servers (especially the official Servers) have to contend with significant Problems. It comes to Lags, Rubberbanding and Desyncs on Many Servers. Conclusion Negative Control (striking in Battle) is sluggish and laggy. Performance on many Servers. Various other Mistakes. Positive Beautiful and detailed World and Setting. Lots of PvE content. Melee oriented Combat System (Taste Question). Exceptionate Craftsmanship and Construction. Many Settings on the Server and integrated Administration of the Server in the Client. Breasts.
One of the most boring games I’ve ever played. You just move around and collect sticks, rocks and other stuff to build or craft something, and it’s an endless process. Well, I understand the concept of such games really, but why Conan? You take one of the most interesting characters from books and comics and place him in so dull setting with no adventure and no challenge. The soundtrack is good but i doesn’t save the game.