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Friday the 13th: The Game review
by TheTreeMan

This is a difficult one. The premise of the game is great, and when all is working well it is an absolute blast! However, on PS4 without playing in a group (solo) the game suffers terribly from constant disconnections. I assume it's the host leaving the game once they've died. This really dampens the whole experience, which is a shame. Hopefully, they can solve this problem as it's hard to recommend because of this particularly as a solo player.
«Buggy as hell»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
You totally have to be scolded as a Nazi via Teamspeak or just rummage confused in endlessly empty Cupboards. Then this Horror movie Classic is just right for you. Slowly but surely, your first random Lobby is filling up. Oh what was that?! A Russian who repeatedly roars "Nazi piss you, I'll kill You!"? Hmm ok ... First of all, the strange Bird may. Puhh finally Rest. Strange Guy, but scolding in German he can ...:D And off we go. You joint in the middle of the Forest. Oh hurt! Where do I have to go? You're running towards a House. Oh great, there's another Player there. Super! You are happy to have finally found an Ally. But what is that!?!? The Guy immediately goes off on you with his Machete and you're Dead. Of Course, that was the Guy who lambasted you as a Nazi. Great, start well. Totally confused you break off and go to the next Lobby. Oh finally nice People here, all in the TS Friendly and Greeting each other Or wishing for good luck. Awesome! You're happy to have finally found some nice People and off you go. You run to the House near you As always, suddenly the Picture distorts and immediately Jason has you at the Bedside. Instant Death. Super! Start well. New Lobby new Happiness. The Game round starts and you actually manage to reach the first House alive. You look into all The Cupboards and Drawers. Nothing. All empty. The only thing lying around there is a Frying pan. Well, better than nix, we'll take with us. On to the next House. In the next 6 Houses, everything from other Players is already empty. Oh hurt! You Are considering what to do now in a slightly demotivated way. The Task List shows You nothing that has been done yet. Then finally there is a House that is not yet completely empty, and lo and behold, the Ship's Screw. Yes! Finally something to get done. You run Towards Water armed with your Frying Pan. Do you Think at least. Because a Map that you could use to orient yourself could not be found far and wide. 10 Min you run, as bitten by the Monkey, but the Search ends with a Boat. You do your first Skillcheck. Juchu that brings Fun! Suddenly the Picture distorts again and again death! From now on, it's going to be boring. Because now it is said to follow the Game with the other Players for 25 minutes, because otherwise you get 50% fewer Points. SUPER Game! Watch 25 Minutes as another Player lies under a Bed and does nothing. Prima! My Conclusion: The Game is really Fun with Friends. If you are also as bad a Bird as me, you can tell the Jason Player, "Hey Mate please give me another 5 Minutes before you kill me:D" Then the Game is actually Fun. But Jason is completely over the top "over powert." There were really few Rounds, at my 25 Hours of play, during which I got rid of a Random Jason, in the End. Mostly only when other Survivor for me have handed in the Spoon. Yes, you can fight back. But the Jason Stunning Times are a Joke and the Killer Player, really everything is displayed on the Map. It can spawn 5 Kilometers away from you and still see You. In addition, it often happens that you kill your own Teammate while trying to save Him. Bugs are also still enough to make the Game in addition to a Nerve Action. The nastiest Bug is that the ship screw fuse can no longer be lifted by your Corpse after your Death by Teammates. So You're completely removed from the Game. The Are then 2 out of 4 Escape Options which completely fall away in such a Round. But the Main Problem is TS and the fierce Racism at Play. As a German, you feel totally bullied and permanently stressed. Relaxed, entertaining Leisure Entertainment to switch off looks different for me. I had already been looking forward to the Announcement a few Years ago on this Game. Because I'm a Fan of the Film Franchise. That'S why I was there on the Release Day right away. The Fact that no Gaming Was possible in the Start week, because the Servers were permanently overloaded, I could still accept. But that the Bugs have not been fixed to date and that Jason is not finally adjusted really takes away the Joy of the Game. So see you soon at Christal Lake