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PAYDAY 2 review
by MeZev

It’s just the same Payday 2 for consoles and PC but portable now.  The port itself has bugs sometimes low frame rate, sometimes getting stuck on loading screens. Switch version won’t disappoint you if you’re a fan of Payday 2. But most awful thing is no normal voice chat/ It is critical for such type of game.

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If 1000 police officers are shooting at you and they miss every shot, then ... 
«Waste of time»
«Liked before it became a hit»
«Better with friends»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game concept itself is very interesting and despite some Inconsistencies, such as bad Hit boxes or Map Collision bugs, there may well be Fun. A Warning goes especially to anyone who is thinking of buying the Game now that it has a massive Number of DLCs, which should only be purchased at 75% Discounts. Microtransactions have also recently been added, which directly affect the Flow of The game, as you can also get free Weapon Upgrades instead of the "Safes" (á la Boxes in CS: GO). So The Safes reduce the Chance of just this and in addition (Because it would be too nice if it had all been ...) was clearly tricked at the Weapon balance. Many Weapons now have worse Statistics such as Hit accuracy or Camouflage, which can only be compensated for by very rare Skins that balance these Stats. If the Money is there and Koop Games interest you, a Purchase is highly recommended, but you should bring a few Friends. MfG Retia
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Payday 2 is, in my Opinion, a Game that does pretty much everything right. The Game principle itself brings a wonderful renewal to the Game world of CoD & Co, because apart from The first Part of Payday, there is no game known to me that the Bank Robber implements his so well. The Game is never unfair, you need some Skill to master higher Orders, the Problem is just that the Game is relatively controlled without a Team. The AI has the only advantage that it can refuel well, but otherwise the AI is striver-stupid. Many of the Initial Missions are still to be mastered with AI, but it is almost too impossible for the higher Orders unless one tries to create the Missions undetected. The only really negative Aspect that comes to mind is that 3/4 of the Missions are useless even at the highest level of difficulty for the high lvl Players because they bring neither a lot of money nor a lot of exp. This means that you have to limit yourself to a few missions in the high levels. In My Opinion, these Missions are enough, but some others may be bothered by them. The Weapons in payday 2 are quite varied, despite the funny Names that have been changed, so the G36C is the JPG36. One of the Biggest Advantages of the game I find is that you can do the Missions in your Own Way, you can try it completely silently, you can try to row it or just mow it all around with a lot more clenched until you are at the charcoal. All in all, Payday 2 is one of the best Shooters on the Market and is therefore totally recommended, it is therefore not a Game for People who don't like to think and prefer to follow strict instructions. Above All, you shouldn't get the Game if you don't have good Nerves.
This game can start good, you will have some few time of fun but after you play for some time everything starts to be too much repetitive.
Finally, a good port for Switch! And without annoying little kids on the voice chat. The quality is very close to the PS4’s, so, I guess, it’s the best version possible. I’ll even dare to say that it’s the best version of Payday 2 up to date. Convince me!