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Robocraft Infinity review
by MeZev

Everything you can create here is only limited by your imagination. You can build various robots and weapons - the game gives your creativity a boost and provides tools to do awesome things, like a rocket launcher equipped T-Rex or Batmobile. You can try your inventions immediately, or save them, or share with the community.
For those who don’t like building there are a lot of default robots to use. They all have different features, so you’ll have a wide selection.
This game will be perfect, if it stops losing connection when you do anything outside of creation. During the PVP gameplay it’s OK but when I try to browse options or change between tabs the game lags very often and that’s annoying.

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If you want a good PVP game, skip this one. For 20$ you get a 5v5 shooter with questionable mechanics, stupid customization and loot boxes as an addition. Even if you’re OK with all these things, there are much better thing on the market today, than Robocraft.