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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes review
by Bambei

This game is much more than you think it is. I completed it quickly but then noticed that I missed many side quests - so I returned and spent several more hours playing it. Various missions, favorite superheroes - this game will be interesting for kids and adults (and nerds especially). I love the visuals and the gameplay, and highly recommend the game.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Fun with Smears. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, my first Lego Game. I want to give it a Try, this Leg-world and was quite confused by the Controls that Were initially designed for 2 Players, and what to do anyway, because you are immediately thrown into the first Storymission. The Learning Process was also quite slow. Learning by doing. I had already completed 95% when I found out that you can also use the Vehicle points on the Map to travel and not just the Teleport Points. ^^ I Played with the XBOX360 Controller on the Windows 7 PC and that went very smoothly. My Fun was quite mixed. I found the Story Mode mostly boring and the Transformation of the Prof of the Fantastic 4 so silly that I felt like I was in a breeze and told me that will remain my only Lego Game. After the Story, however, you played very little freely and there are still a few Side Missions and a Lot of Quests waiting in the free World of New York City. And grade the Quests and explore and riot the quests and I really Enjoyed it. You can destroy almost any Decoration. The Quests are quite diverse and also go fast, so that a sense of Achievement quickly emerges. As a Reward, you get more Characters, Vehicles or golden Stones. Last you need to be able to play more Side Mission. And more Characters to unlock all Success in Story Mode. So You have to play them again and best with Instructions from the Net so as not to forget anything, because otherwise you would have to get back in. I always played a Level and then read in the Guide ( if I took everything there is before I went on to the next Level. Because you can't go back and you'd have to restart the Mission. From the Side Missions you get red Stones to unlock the various Extras, such as collecting 10 times more Studs and Ghost Studs (Studs = Money; useful for the 1 Billion Success ... These Duplication extras can be stacked, once all active then there are about 3600x more) or Detectors for E.g. Mini-kits (useful for repeating the Story missions), but also such silly Things as Disguises and mini chars. If you want to achieve a 100%, you have to go through everything. And since the Story Mode was far too desolate for me, I just took the 100% as my Goal. Frustrating can be The Races. Especially those in the Air. The Control in the Air reacts differently to the Speed and reacts to the Camera Angle. That can be really really very frustrating in Races. There were Days since I hated the Game and cursed the Developers because I didn't get any further even after 10 Reps. Even now that I have done everything, I find some races still game-changing and do not belong in the Game in this Level of difficulty. Do not Fit with the Rest, which can otherwise be created really casual moderately at the first or second Attempt. Constant Reps are a top entertainment killer for me anyway, since stupid. The Races on the Ground I found annoying at first but since I had the Hang of it quickly. Speed often let go and then it can be maneuvered better (you can also do it in the Air but waste a lot of Time). The smaller the Car, the tighter it can drive Turns. Better for Races in Parks. I did most road races but with a taxi because you can mopsen it the quickest. Any Car you see you can take, GTA moderately just without negative Consequences for it bypassed and driven at and broken down. AI Opponents, if you go up against which ones, are not particularly fast. You can also turn them on or cause Traffic chaos at well-traveled intersections and get the AI Opponent stuck in there a While. The most annoying is probably the Silver Surfer, who is quite fix on the road. But this is also a Flight Race with a slightly higher Difficulty. Even though I changed characters for Air Races more often, I packed everything with Iron Man (M42) in the End. In Total, it took me 70h for 100%. I played the Game for 2.5 Months. Because of the rather desolate Story Mode I didn't play for days. I didn't play Co-op-except for the few Successes. Also Only goes on the same PC (if it were about it Inet then I would have used it correctly already) with Split-screen, dynamic or solid. But sharing Screen is not so mine. My Rating: Story Mode 6/10 Side missions 8/10 Free World Quests 9/10 Race 3/10 (Ground 6/10; Air tics 10) Generalized game atmosphere 9/10 Total: 7/10 And it won't be my last Lego Game after all. The Hobbit has already been purchased ^^
It’s just OK. Your team here is limited by 6 power sets, and I don’t understand this feature. The game includes more than 50 heroes and I want to use them all, to combine their powers the way I prefer. But even if this is not so important for you, the game in general isn’t a masterpiece either. It becomes boring and repetitive soon, so it’s fun for a couple of hours only.