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Nioh: Complete Edition / 仁王 Complete Edition review
by Tramandai

The game itself is great, a 9/10 without a doubt. But since I am reviewing the PC version — it’s terrible! It's just ridiculous to release a game without supporting the main input method of the platform. I mean that it doesn’t support the mouse. Not to mention that it has performance problems due to poor optimization.

I bought the game coz I wanted to replay it (I already played the PS version). If you have a PS4, don’t bother buying the PC version. If you don’t have a PS4, you might give it a try. If you don't like gamepads, stay away from it.

"Recommended" for the game itself, "Skip" for the PC version, "Meh" as a result.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
So... The Game is hard. Very Unfair in Places. Still fun. Just the Beginning I found amusing. One has often died, but has learned the Moves and Station Wagons from the same and thus been able to intervene. Setting is super chosen. Japan is 1A anyway. And then even in Times of War (1500), when the Civil war was raging ... BOOOM!! The Story is incredibly well staged in many Places. For example, the Death of Nobunaga, which shook the Country at the time. And the opponent diversity is incredible. I spent almost an Hour last night reading through Japanese Ayakashin (Yokai) and about 30% of the well-known Yokai are also represented as Opponents. But: The Gameplay against Bosses and NPCs is stupid. Especially with the NPCs, you notice this too much. The Game gives the Opponents random super-armour whereby one dies during the Execution of a long Combo (hoping to stagnate the Opponent) when the opponent attacks during the Opponent (and especially with the Odachi this does not only look ridiculous ...). Conversely, you are tuned by each single Trffer directly for a Second. Sounds like little, but with the fast Gameplay there is far too much. And with the Bosses, the Hit boxes of many Attacks are very spongy ... See the ertsen Boss. The silly Balls so often narrowly pass you and you get hit anyway. Or the Attack has already been carried out and you will be potentially hit for a few More Miliseconds afterwards. The high Frustration Factor is also a Problem. There are certain opponents of bosses that you have to overcome in order to get on. Is, after all, a Basic Concept of the whole. I only find it really unfavorable that you are forced to leave everything to Amrita (Souls in DarkSouls) to leave the level again. Especially in Side Missions, which you simply cannot yet manage because of too bad Equipment or Weapons. Which leads me to another Criticism: The Game is not as skill-based in Approach as I hoped. One is strong from the Equip and the Weapons. Only in the LateGame, when you have learned a Lot of all Skills, can you tear something without Weapons and with bad Equipment. And in General, you're told from the Beginning, "Bleub defensively or you're getting bumbed." Is a good Attitude, but shouldn't dominate everything. I don't just want to be able to win if I stay in Defence until my Opponent makes a Mistake ... And I know that all this sounds very negative and that doesn't fit my Recommendation ^^ but I'm ' often dying ' used to DarkSouls and unlike there you can learn to defend yourself more quickly, partly because of the much faster Gameplay. By the Way, it's very hard if you like something to prove it argumentatively. Often the Opinion is based on one's own subjective View and therefore cannot be justified. Therefore simple: Super Game. Only the Full Price is something over the top.
Koei Tecmo has a reputation of doing terrible PC ports, but I’ve played more than 10 hours and experienced only one crashm which is a good thing. The gaming experience is very smooth with stable frames, controls and no glitches so far. So you won’t have a genuine PC experience with this as frames are not uncapped, the graphics are from the console and it doesn’t work with the mouse & keyboard. The game itself is okay, if you don’t mind playing a much shorter and less interesting witcher’s adventures in Asia.
It’s just an amazing gem of a game. People are mad because of you have to use a gamepad. Well, games started with gamepads! If you are OK with that, buy it and play it. If you are not OK, LEARN to love gamepads, buy it and play it anyway.