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Need for Speed Payback review
by KawaiiMuaii

One of the best from NFS series for me. There are chases — for now they are not free-roaming, but hopefully will be in the future. There are cars, give a chance to a maximum build for each one. There is an NFS atmosphere and open-world. There is a great upgrade system. Loot boxes seem to annoy people, but hey, original Forza Horizon back in 2012 also had it and nobody gave a damn back in those days. What the heck? What has changed?

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Very good
One of the best NFS’s! One of the best racing games even! Don’t rate this game based only on IGN review, coz the guys there downgraded it for some reason. Also some people hating on the game for microtransactions, but these are totally skippable. People also hating on speedcards and I dunno why. It’s just kinda an upgrade system that gives you random car parts. You don’t have to grind much either since you can tune up your car with INGAME CURRENCY, so you don’t have to race over and over for better parts and don’t have to spend your real money too. The microtransactions that I mentioned earlier will get you only some things like neon and other parts for pimping your car. The Ghost Games listen to their fans, so we got a game that NFS 2015 should have been. It's a fun game and I enjoyed every mile I drove. 10/10.
«Can’t stop playing»
Loot box progression system ruins everything in the game. Gamers are forced to grind old missions over, and over, and over again. Or you can bring in the real cash! And I feel like EA did that on purpose to make you pay, because grinding is very frustrating and boring. Bad game design, no recommend.
Total disappointment. They removed the key feature from NFS - free roaming cops. That is what made an ordinary racing game an NFS game. They replaced it with “follow the checkpoints” chases that completely ruined the creativity you could have evading the cops in any direction. Not only this, but it also ruined the replayability and the open world that is actually quite large in this game is dwarfed, because you have so many ways to go, but you are forced to choose only one. Also, no online free roam. Like, what the fuck?

On the bright side, there is the customization and the world itself. The story is shitty (as always, lol). But come on, it’s like Fast & Furious in games, and you don’t expect a good story from F&S. But the voices are good

Overall this game could be a good racing game if it didn’t have the NFS title. The expectations from the title made the game not what I personally wanted.