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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited review
by KawaiiMuaii

The Elder Scrolls Online is now a great additional game for all fans of the series. It has many locations, and the number of them is growing, Tamriel is developing constantly, a lot of awesome stuff appear in the game. I appreciate how the devs have heard the community complaints about the game and fixed everything. Now it’s a huge world with guilds, quest, areas to explore, craft, cook, etc. I mean, it’s really HUGE. You’ll never feel the lack of content here, so prepare to spend hours and hours in this game.
«Better with friends»

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Edit.: Summerset: Well-received DLC. You just have to praise that Zenimax delivers new Content here every Year and even the previous DLC is added for free when pre-ordering Summerset. Even the Buyer who already have to pay the Basic Game less is fair and customer-friendly. I still find a Lot of Things in The Kronenshop is overpriced, but the basic Game and this Expansion are really a Reason to still follow the Game and log in from time to time. Keep it Up to Zenimax, it remains exciting what's next! How I got excited when I heard the Elder Scrolls Online after which I paid 59.99 euros costs another €12.99 per Month. Then came the players who, of course, wanted to give the Game, as with almost every new Multiplayer title, no Chance and have already lambasted it as a Rip-off without Having played it. "Angry Joe" called Bethesda (and that even though it came from Zenimax Online), for Example, money-hungry And made a proper hate video to the MMO, with a positive Response. Despite all this Hatred towards the Game, I was interested enough that I bought it with a Buddy with the Ulterior motive "we played Skyrim thousands of hours" defakto the Money would then be despite the possible Disappointment with the publisher who gave us the Next real Elder Scrolls might bring. We were then correspondingly surprised how good the Game was. There were perfectly set Quests with really good Speakers, you could travel a huge and varied Map and the Story was great too. The only thing that had bothered us at the Time was the absence of real MMO Challenges, but then came the Traitors, really strong opponents, last Year the dark Brotherhood, an Area of Oblivion full of Challenges, Duels, champion rank and and and so on. Zenimax has really proven not to be brought out of the version by all the Hate, spoiling The paying customers with constant Updates and extensions. So I am now really happy not to stand alone with this Opinion. There are now many People who play the Game because of the "once pay without a monthly Cost" Aspect and the Servers are therefore always filled. You no longer have to explain why the Game is so great, it is now seen more as a positive Example. I never stopped paying monthly, by the way. It's just worth it and the Game gives you back not only DLCs but even the Money paid as Crowns. So I could buy practically all DLCs ingame by now and cancel my Plus membership, but I like the craft Bag or the light experience bonus, for example, and actually want to give something back for gamming Off on the Servers every Month. So I can recommend the Game to any MMO Player, it's an outstanding Example that was written off far too soon and fought its Way to the Top. (WOW doesn't count, that just can't be achieved again by the Player Numbers, even if I find it incredibly outdated.:D)
I hoped this game would be a good alternative before some AAA projects aren’t out - like The Elder Scrolls VI or Fallout 5. I was even ready that the game would be imperfect but I expected Bethesda would make a good game though. But I got what I got, and I can’t say anything good about it. It has no involving story and I really don’t understand why I should stay here. There are many online free-to-play projects that offer you the same - a huge world without the plot - so better choose one of them. At least, you’ll spend your time for free. But the best idea is to wait for the next real El game.
«Waste of time»
Excelent MMORPG. B2P, of course but you can spend hours and hours exploring, killing and questing. About that, the best story lines in that kind of games. If you don't like read, immersion and lore, please, don't play. Otherwise if you love the rol games this is your game. Amazing stories and quests very funnies. You will be feel the world and how you can make the difference.