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Murderous Pursuits review
by KawaiiMuaii

You may think this game is Assassin’s Creed and I say it has a twist. Well, not a twist actually, but several unique features. First of all, you need to find another player with a compass - the closer you to the player, the bigger is the green bar you can see. Secondly, new abilities - disguise, counter, humiliate, reveal. The scoring system is more complex too. The score depends on the weapon you use - there are five different types in this game. I enjoyed Murderous Pursuits, so I can definitely advise it to every assassin lover.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Note: I got this Game for free to stream on my twitch channel. I didn't get any Kind of compensation otherwise. The Opinion I am expressing here is my objective, honest opinion of the Game. (Anything else wouldn't make Sense to me.) The most important first, many believe the Developer is the same as from The Ship. That's not true, the Rights to the Game Series were merely bought up by Blazzing Griffin. That's why this is only the first Attempt by the development Team to implement this Game principle, but also the Reason why Mr. X is back at it. Now that this has been sorted out, we come to the actual Game Review: Murderous Pursuits is in many Aspects a Cross between the Assassin's Creed Multiplayer and The Ship. You play a Character whose character model clones populate the Map of the Game in many Variants. The Aim is to immerse yourself in this Crowd, but at the same time to find one's own Victim. The latest Update added a Free-for-all mode that turns all Players into Free Game. This means that everyone can be murdered at any time as soon as you have recognized him as a Player. NPCs cannot be murdered, trying to do so is punished by Announcing your own Position. All Weapons that can be found in the Game are functionally the same, as a Murder Animation is always played and the Range is also the same. The Difference lies in the Points Distribution, which dynamically adapts to which weapon was last Used. That ensures we keep constantly moving to change arms if we are to get the maximum Number Of points out of a Murder. In addition to the Weapons, we have two selectable Abilities at our disposal, Such as "Disguise," with which we can briefly change our Character model and also fill up our Concealment Bar in full. This falls off whenever we do not stand in so-called "Vignettes." These replenish our Bar and let our Character eat NPC actions such as Tarts or even perform Pictures to weigh opposing players in Peace. Overall, I like the Game extraordinarily well. It hits a Nerve with me, which is otherwise only tickled by other Scam games, such as Trouble in Terrorist Town, Deceit, Werewolf or even Secret Hitler. I Find Finding out which of the many People, is actually a Player, I find it extremely exciting. With Friends on a Discord/TS, this is of course a lot more Fun. Unlike many others, I find that the Lack of Needs, Such as Showers, food and the Cloistered, compared to The Ship, does the Game very well. Because that focuses the Gameplay on the Core, and that's the Murder of Colleagues. (Note: I never played The Ship, but I would probably find it annoying quickly.) What I would still like for The Future would be a hardcore mode, which would give up the Radar and other Means of Detection on a large Scale. This would make me much more exciting again, because then you can only rely on your own Feeling. You'll find me on, there I'm streaming a lot of new Releases, mainly Indie Games! The Stream in which I play the Game can be found on YouTube:
This game is OK but feels abandoned. The marketing is awful, so there is a lack of players online. I think they all will go away soon without any attention from the developers. I can’t recommend an online multiplayer game without a community, so let’s wait, maybe, something will change.