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Darkest Dungeon review
by MeZev

Once you accept that the fails here are inevitable, the game becomes easier. I know, it’s hard to get over the fact that random plays a huge role here but it’s not the only thing that matters. If you rationally manage the resources, everything will be OK. There are also mechanics about RNG that can help you to win - during the fights you can stun enemies and even end the fight earlier. So I don’t see a big problem with the random, and for me this game is awesome.  

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review First Time ago, the Pictures had already appealed to me, even if there is no Graphic Splendour Waiting here in the true Sense of the word, but when Looking at It, a gloomy Mood arose. In some of the Gamestar'S Christmas Video, several Editors had also said that this Title would be their (potential) choice for the Winter Sail. I was still with me at The Wrestling, but then when the Game was around for 13 Euros with Soundtrack, I struck. Now I only have just under 10 Hours of Play-but from which I still want to draw a small Conclusion: I started Darkest Dungeon And then played almost 8 Hours at a Time. I rarely do That to this Extent, even in Blockbuster Games like Fallout 4 or the like. DD captivates you very quickly. The Music and gritty and atmospheric, just like the excellent English Narrator. The whole Graphic Style fits perfectly. The whole Concept is At risk of Addiction. A Dungeon Crawler, who takes up numerous Elements from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu, the Heroes often suffer diseases, personality Weaknesses, Paranoia and other Anxiety conditions in the Quite demanding tactical Struggles within the Dungeons. These need to be cured against expensive Gold from Time to time, if you want the Character not to die of a Heart Attack all too quickly or prove less useful in the Dungeons. This also has to change the Group composition (12 Heroes you can have in your Reportoire, 4 are allowed into the Dungeon) from time to time, because "healing/exciting" Heroes are first of all on the outside. Also, experienced Heroes no longer want to enter Entry-level Dungeons, as this would be beneath their Dignity. Actually a nice Thing, because it prevents the complete "Grinding" of regions and the Areas always remain a Challenge for the respective Heroes. The Inventory is limited, but you always need certain Things like Food or Fac-skirking to avoid failing. Accordingly, you can't always take everything you find with you. Depending on the Order, you end up with rewards, which you can then put into your Home Village to "upgrade" it and, for example, buy Better Weapons or Armor, improve Regenerations or make them cheaper, or buy new Skills for certain Character Classes To upgrade them. In Addition, there is also Gambling for magical Items and a Cart in which new Heroes can recruit. With me, at least, the Money Has always been relatively tight, especially if you want to remove anxiety from Heroes again and again in order to be able to use them wisely (with the Sale of unneeded drinking Ets, this can probably be improved). At Darkest Dungeon, you have to separate yourself from the Thought that a Hero never dies. Over the Course of the 10h, a number Of Characters have died. This basically doesn't make it so much, because you can always hire new ones, but it also takes some Dungeons until they Ascend. In addition, I don't like Cannon Fodder thinking And therefore always try to keep every Character alive. But just like in the PnP Cthulu, the Lifespan of Heroes is quite limited, because you like to bite into the Grass. I am sure that this can be avoided better than I managed in MY first Attempts at DD-but all too often you want to complete a Mission instead of cancelling it, but still wants to explore a Space and then meet the "wrong Opponents" and that Then, out of Greed, it likes to end up with a Character. For an Alphatitel, the Whole thing is already very round and playable and I'm curious to see if and what else is going on with the finished Release. This title is suggested by any of The Strategic Struggles in The style of Blackguards or Bannersage, and is based on dark and atmoshpäry fantasy. I already suspect that this nice In-game will probably have more Time in his Game account in the End than some games with a "bigger Name."
The main mechanics of this game are random and luck. Nothing what you do is matters here, so this game is just a waste of time and money. It took me 15 hours to understand this fact. Yes, the game is beautiful, the story is great but a good game just can’t be so dependent on RNG. It’s totally wrong and frustrating.