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Dirty Bomb review
by Chocodemon

Dirty Bomb is completely free of any real money transactions since the 15th january 2019 and it is glorious.
It was a pretty good+free shooter since the beginning and everything could be unlocked for free, when you had the stamina to grind the currency. But this has changed as of the mentioned date.
Not only did they remove the cash from items and shops but also boosted the credits base gain of 19per minute to about 50per minute. Which means that gaining currency has more than doubled (x2,63). Also there is a booster which activates when you play multiple rounds in the same lobby where you get a 10%/20/30% boost for sticking around instead of rage quitting.

Aside from the money aspect it is a class based shooter in which individual skill can heavily influence the tides of the battle, while teamwork is still king. It is a healthy mix between Overwatch and TF2.

I highly suggest playing a few rounds.
«Just one more turn»
Just tried it. Shooting is pretty solid, and the pace is just right, I like it!

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
For all those who just want to know if it is worth buying now: Yes, it does, but I go further on it and try to go to everything important. I refer to maps, mercs and Gameplay, among others. From the Menu you can play straight off, Play a Workout, go through the Loadout with different Mercs (more to the Mercs below), go through the Video Settings (which are very extensive) and other things but what is not so important. With the Mercs you can read the different Descriptions of the Characters, the so-called "Mercs." Underneath there are various Maps that you can pull from boxes (as you know it from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and use them in the Game by selecting in the Lobby. If you are then in the Game, either Objective or Stopwatchmode (which are virtually no different) you can select your Merc in the Intro after the Warm-up or with each Death. If you die, you will see the Opponent's Merc/Player Card. It shows the HP, the Weapon and everything else. An important Feature of the Battle is Finning and Helping up. You can either kill Enemies and knock Them out altogether or help up your Team Mates. Except for the Medic, all Mercs have to help Team Mates, which takes about 5 Seconds. The Medic only needs to use the Defibrillator. In addition to the Medic, there are the Sniper, The LMG Sagittarius, assault rifle shooters, the hated Merc "proxy" with the Shotgun and a few others who are not very different from the mentioned ones. Let's get to the Gameplay: DB is a "Gun and shoot" game, which means that there is fast action, even if the Opponents don't die directly, which is a big Plus with DB. The Movement also plays a major Role at DB, among other Things in order to be able to outplay opponents and to be able to use the Wall Jump wisely. The Maps The Maps are not too small, but they are not so big. Dying right after the Spawn is nothing special in some Lobbies. The Maps have not simply just been made. There are many small Details and the Maps have been well covered. Where many other Developers would never have thought OF it (* hust * Call of duty) DB worked especially on it. The Spawn System is also well covered. The Leveling and Credits Pro Game gets you XP according to a stand-out leling Concept. You can also get coins depending on the Points. From the Credits you can buy Cases (for 1000 Credits each) or you can use the Credits to directly Mercs for a Trade Up. What is particularly striking about DB is also the Community. I thought for the first time that the Community would be as bad as 1000 Russians in Counter-Strike, but I was wrong. The Community is very nice, it is also written almost every Round OF HF GL and in the End GG. I hope the Review helps you a little further. -Freack