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Battlerite review
by KawaiiMuaii

You need time to master this game and start to win matches but the game is worth to spend some time. It’s not another title where the match is already lost by the moment you’re ready to fight. The variety of champions is huge, and you can choose and custom a champ for your personal playstyle. There are no similar champions here - they all have unique powers and abilities, and together with users’ customization they become even more original. And, as I may see, everything is balanced. The devs made a big work with this system, and it works great. 
«Just one more turn»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Better with friends»

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Early Access Review Anyone Who looks at my Steam Account will see that I own about 500 Games or more. There are also many Early Access Titles. But What I can say directly: Battlerite is one of the Best! I would like to give a detailed Summary of my Impression: (EDIT: A little Note for the Salty kids that spam me fully: With the "I have more than 500 Games I don't want to be profrageous. I want to say a lot more: I have already witnessed some titles and VORALLEM Early Access Titles. Who does you believe more? Someone with 2 Games-1 Early Access and an AAA. Or someone with 500 + Titles, of which maybe 20 Are Early Access. I think the one with 20 Early Access can judge the Matter better than the one with 1 Title. So please brain on And not flame me.) Pro:-Absolutely polished. (You can hardly notice Beta Status in The Game.) -Great Sound (The fat Skillz also sound like a lot of Force)-Visually for this Type of Game well succeeded. -Many Abilities per hero-REALLY Skill based! (Mainly because of the movement share)-Chat is standard gemuted (Me annoys a Chat at such a Kind of Game. Distracts more than help)-Already now many Interesting Heroes. (Though nothing with WOW effect yet)-Great Arenas with cool Staging. -Good Progress System. (Reminds a little of Overwatch because of the Boxes)-Absolutely Gameplay. Is really addictive. -Queuing with Friends is not a Problem (Something should be standard. Missing at many Games, Unfortunately)-runs super/No Performance problems or for me-Rounds are quickly over/Instant action-heroes go to learn. Mastering Them, though, really takes Time. (According to my Impression) Contra:-MM matches me as a "beginner" with High rank types. (May be due to the low population though)-learning Heroes takes quite a long time due to the many Skills. That makes trying and trying hard sometimes-No 5 vs 5 (I love 5 vs 5. But Is a matter of taste)-Only 1 Game Modes (Also a Matter of taste. Nen Fun Mode/Mutator Fashion wouldn't be bad)-F2P System not yet foreseeable (Fairness etc) All in all a super Buy. It immediately heooked me. I'm just thrilled how polished it already seems. Otherwise, I only know how to do so from Blizzard. Think Of the Game like Dota Clashes. Only without the around. Sure, Dota goes into much more depth tactically. There is Also no possibility of building builds Of Items at Battlerite. It's just mega fun though. Off to the MM and 5 Minutes fun. When you lose, you don't have to torment yourself through another 30 Minutes and hope for a Comeback. Losing takes only 5 Minutes. As a result, the Frustration is not so high either. The Fights/rounds just play out incredibly fast and powerful. Makes (at least me) a huge Fun. Can't wait for game to continue to grow (Content etc). I wish it would be a big Number And be able to hold a constantly high Playerbase. Who the £17 is too much: Wait for F2P. But then at the latest, you should try it! Clear recommendation and take high.
Now not many people play this game and as a result it has a smurf problem. It’s annoying when experienced players come and humiliate low level ones. I hope, the situation will change in a while but now the game is not very enjoyable to play.