Arturas's review of the game Card Thief
May 15, 2018
Cute little game that is recommended, but not to everyone. If you're an old geezer like I am, with some Nostalgia towards classical card or board games (Solitaire, checkers, Go and such) and really feel like those games could be played in an ambiance of Thief series, this one is for You. I'm truly fascinated by design of this title since it really feels like Thief, but with cards. Medium length sessions (30-45 minutes) are recommended to fully enjoy and progress within the game, but it's quite well built for shorter sessions of just a couple of minutes.  Has its own share of design, UX/UI issues, but none of them really damages an experience, also — the free version is very generous in a sense of content provided.

Trivia: Won Best Game Design award from German Developer Awards and German Games Award as Best Mobile Game.
«Just one more turn»
«Sit Back and Relax»
Alexey Gornostaev
I'm a huge fan of Card Crawl (previous game from the author), beta-tested Card Thief and quite liked it. But i didn't became addicted to it as to the Crawl game, which i played daily for more than a year. Card Thief rules are much more complex and a single sequence of moves can make you so much points that it can "make" your game. Crawl is more solitaire like game with fewer options and the need to know the deck and remember the cards that were played already. Anyway, both games are great but in different ways. Though recently i became a huge fan of Zach Gage games, Flip Flop Solitaire especially.