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World of Tanks review
by Silver

PC version.  This game lacks balance so much. Old premium tanks never get buffed. New are very powerful. Some T10 tanks are imbalanced, some are complete garbage(not only 10). Developers don't listen to community. 
P.s. 22k battles. 8.2k personal rating. I know what i say.
«Waste of time»
«I could make it better»

Other reviews3

World of Tanks offers so much great stuff! Everything is perfect from the combat itself to the graphics and the physics. They are so realistic so you can see a single blade of grass you drive over. I also appreciated the variety of obstacles on maps and the amount of tanks. You can pick different types of machines what makes the game a strategy in a way, and big battles are awesome here. If you want to distract a little, you can play a top-down mini-game. It’s a survival mode where you are to reach a high score.
This game is good. No more, no less. The multiplayer mode is competitive though frustrating at times but the controls pissed me off a little. And snipers, of course, are annoying like in any game - but you can sneak up behind and revenge. Along these lines, I can say this game is just average.