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Grey Hack review
by Bambei

Such a difficult game HAS to have a tutorial. But the devs decided it’s OK without any explanation how to master this thing. Well, I failed here. And I want my money back.  

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Early access review edit: following the clarification and publication of the roadmap by the developer: I am reassured on too many wipes for my liking, as they seem to be an exception related to important or major updates, not the a standard. Ditto with regard to the roadmap and its lot of new features, and new missions, which I look forward to discovering! I would definitely recommend it! ----------------------A game with potential, but that at the moment lacks a lot of content on the solo (only part I tested). The tutorial is almost non-existent while it is a game that, wanting a little more realistic than the games of the genre, is a little obscure to take in hand at the beginning. Only solution, YouTube tutorials and there is the drama, because there are very few and those that exist, date from several months and report features that have been changed since or outright that no longer exist. There are however 2 community guides (in English) on steam that are invaluable help. The more: mechanics and a Linux environment (Terminal and controls) more realistic than the games of the genre including the most recent hacknet. For example, it is possible to do social engineering (it does not fly well high but this feature has the merit of existing and reinforces realism). A detection leads to a game over and a wipe, so it puts the pressure well. Compromising a machine sometimes requires digging your head and knowing the purpose of the tools available. The minus:-no Tuto, while the game is a little difficult to take in hands, at first. -Solo mode with obligation to be connected and visibly no history at the moment (good at the same time with a dev who does a wipe every 2 days, we have no time to go far). -Wipe many many trops on the solo and that require to start all over from the beginning (re-create a user, an email account, a bank account, redownload the apps) and this is hyper relou, so much so that I do not want to play there anymore! -a game that is visibly more MMO-oriented than solo. -Game only in English at the moment. In the end a game that I do not recommend, if like me your first intention is to be able to play tranquilor, as with many other games in AA (early access). If on the other hand you want to support a game that relies on the theme hacking, with real potential then this game deserves well the €9.99 it asks. On the other hand, the interaction with the dev especially with regard to its roadmap seems to me more minimalistic it explains this by the fact of not wanting to put pressure, announcing features or content that it will have difficulty to implement or to hold deadlines, but on the other hand a little pressure and commitment to those who paid does not hurt, because the early ones that last 5 or 8 years (dayz, Castle story etc.) it's fine 5 minutes.
Well, it’s not a game, actually, not in an ordinary way. It uses real UNIX commands and in fact learns you some basics. Great for beginners in programming. It could have a better tutorial but with some ingame guides it would be easy to figure out how it works. I like to learn from this game, and recommend it to everyone who likes to learn too.