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Detective Pikachu review
by Bambei

Let’s investigate the case about Detective Pikachu: is it a good game? You have some hints here: 
it’s unusual
 but the conclusion is dumb 
the characters and the story are awesome
 but you won’t play the game again 
a great variety of crime scenes
 but the cases are so long that you can get bored 
and the controls are awkward.
 Is it a good game after all? Can’t say this. It’s creative, of course, but ruined by several disappointing mistakes.

Other reviews2

An unusual game with an interesting setting that left me satisfied. It’s very exciting to play Detective Pikachu - it’s very different from previous Pokemon games I’ve played. The investigation itself could be harder, but this game is still a unique experience. It’s nice to play it for some time, just to relax.