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Atlas Reactor review
by TheGorillaNI

Atlas Reactor Is A Face off in fast-paced, turn-based PvP with Atlas Reactor – a competitive game that fuses simultaneous turns with team tactics. Read minds, master customizable Freelancers, and outwit your enemies in a world where a 20-second turn can change the tide of battle So let’s just delve into the mechanics of Atlas Reactor. It’s a 4 vs. 4 online multiplayer strategy game. Think of something like XCOM, but with more colorful characters that feel akin to Overwatch, and generally a smaller playing field and unique abilities for each character. The game takes an isometric style view, and the stages are laid out in a grid format, with various pieces of cover to hide behind that deter ranged attacks. Characters fall into one of three classes, tanks (Frontline), damage dealers (Firepower) and healers/buffs (Support). There’s a pretty hefty roster of characters to choose from, all with unique abilities that help to set them apart. You can modify abilities between games by unlocking mods using points earned from leveling up, which again helps to set the various characters apart from one another. There’s also equippable Catalysts, which are essentially abilities that can only be used once per game, and are generally universal across all characters and classes. Each game is broken down into four stages. Rounds will start with the Prep phase, generally used to buff or heal, before moving into the Dash phase. This revolves around abilities that include some form of limited movement, usually short range rolls or teleports with some type of added effect like an attack or debuff. Then there’s the Blast phase, where enemies will dish out most of the damage dealing attacks. Then the round ends with player movement, allowing you to go a certain number of squares on the field before starting the whole process over again. The trick is that you select all of your abilities/movements in one go. So at the beginning of a round you’ll pick what to do for each phase before the phases actually play out. So utilizing the Dash phase to roll out of incoming enemy attacks can be wise, as can using the Prep phase to build up shields or regenerate health. Also, paying attention to what abilities are on cooldown for opposing players can be key to not wasting your turns on an attack that won’t connect. There’s a lot of give and take for any given round, and teams that communicate are always going to more effective. This is done via in-game chat, or an optional Discord option for voice chat built into the game. Most battles last somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes. A team wins by either having the most kills after 20 rounds, or by being the first to get 5 kills. Death isn’t game over for your character, you will regenerate next turn, and then spend a round restricted to movement only after that. To help matches move quickly, there’s a very small timer to select abilities at the beginning of a round, preventing player griefing via delays. And if players quit out of a game, they’ll be replaced by surprisingly capable bots.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First Atlas Reactor is a b2p game. It is under free cause the free option lets you play the complet game with the characters in rotation. But you can play the game as you would if you payed for it. Most negative reviews are based on two things. Reviwer complain it is not completely free or it is copy of xcom and overwatch (it has similar aspects but it combines it different so i don't get this blame). I will explain why b2p makes sense for this game. It is turn based. With normal moba's you have skill shots. This allows a bigger variety of characters to unlock therfore more money. A turn based game will have less variety so it has similar price model as smite. Free is the game to play but not all characters. With the price you gat all characters forever. Now that this is out of the way let's go to the review. Postive: 1. If you love xcom, turn based games, competative games and have been a fan of table tops. This is a game you should give a chance. It is a turnbased game. Where you can play three kind of characters called freelancers. Each character takes one of three roles. frontline (tank), support (healer and buffs) and firepower (dps). Every character is so diferent enough that it brings a competely different game experience which is one of the aspects that gives it a big replay value. Each character has 5 abilities, which are on timers and energie (used to activate them) based. Also every character has three different catalysts which are one time usable buffs, power, escape usables. Also can each character adapt their basic 5 abilities with mods before the game to help adapt to the different maps (4 at the moment) or the team composition. it is a 4 v 4 matches. 2. This all together gives the game a huge variety. Also it is even though is a guess game what the opponent does deep enough in tactic that strategy playes a huge part. There was a tournament (fan made not session) with already league games and qualifier. At the top where similar teams as the last time which already dominated before. This shows that it can't be only luck. This game willl have season and official Trion sponsored tournament for esport. Including this the gamee has a big replayabiltiy value. Now to the negative. 3.This game is fast a match usual goes between 10-20min which is great for a short relaxed game to switch off and then go back to work, bed or whatever you needed a break for. Negative: it is not completely f2p. the f2p aspect is a unimited demo. I suggest to accept that see how the game is for yourselfe and how often you play it in the next month. If you pay it a lot i suggest support it. In my opinion it is something completely new in the market and it earns it. Second as most moba's it can be totaly overwhelming. I suggest watch the videos in the second tutorial and play first a few bot matches learn the abilities of the freelancers and their morde and catalyst and check out forums or tips. Cause if not you might feel overwelmed. So what i can say, I realy enjoy the game. the community is supportive and surprisingly friendly for a moba. Also even it is a niche game. The players that give this game a chance are hugely into it. trounament was fanmade, there is already 1-2 podcasts, artwork. I suggest to check it out.