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State of Decay review
by MeZev

Too many games about zombie, really. I’m sick of them. This game copies DayZ and doesn’t add anything new to the genre. Nothing original, nothing to grab your attention - I see only the developers’ desire to earn some money on the over-hyped theme. They even don’t try to make something unique. Better play some classics of zombie shooters, like Dead Rising or Call of Duty Zombie Mode, then buy this second-rate game.  

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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Idea behind State of Decay is actually terrific. One is in a large open Game world where 99% of the Population has become Semi-gambled zombies. Now it is time to survive. But this alone is quite difficult, because if a Character dies, then he stays dead. So you go in search of other Survivors and, fortunately, you will quickly find what you are looking for. From now on, it is necessary to set up a Camp, to collect Resources such as Food and Ammunition and, if possible, not to be eaten. But you must not ignore the Needs and Emotions of the other Survivors, whose Number will continue to grow in the ongoing Game (unless you let a Character pass over the Wupper every half Hour), otherwise they are extremely unhappy and mies. Be in a mood. While taking care of all this, you also do it occasionally at main Quests that revolve around fleeing the Zombie Epidemic. On Paper, this Game system sounds really fun and interesting. You get Hope for a proper ' The Walking Dead ' simulation. And in the Beginning, that works, too. As I said, one meets the first survivors, builds a small Camp and from now on Scans houses for Resources, Weapons and other Survivors, taking care that the Zombies do not eat you. But pretty quickly I realized that everything you have to do so is incredibly repetitive and fatigued very quickly. You don't do anything but walk in the always same-looking houses and Scour Cabinets and Shelves for ever-equal Loot. In doing so, you kill heaps of Zombies in the same Way that aren't really terrifying or dangerous. You can almost always run away from them when it gets too many. On Top of That, all Quests are the same. Go to Point X and guard Person Y in front of countless Zombies while Browsing a House. Or just kill countless Zombies. These Quests never change until the End. But there is still Coexistence with the other People and The Confrontation with their Problems. Well, unfortunately, this too is very quickly tiring, because you can see how it is going. First, the other Survivors always go looking For Resources, but then get into a Situation where they need Help, your Help. So you rush there, help the Survivors and they then bring a little Loot to the Camp. You could have done it yourself, too, as every Survivor needs our Help and never makes it alone. And if you don't care about this Problem, the Person narrowly survives and then hates you, or they just die. Unfortunately, no Sense of real Collaboration can arise at all in a Zombie Apocalypse. Furthermore, the Disputes and Crises within the Camp always take place according to Scheme F. Members of the Camp Are sometimes either sad, angry or anxious. Then you go Zombie Hunting with them and have a conversation and the same CONVERSATION. There can be no Question Of Tension and Thrill there. And Decisions that you rarely have to make in the Game do not change the Game and are therefore also unimportant. By The way, the Story, and yes I know it is not very important, but still also noteworthy, completely uninteresting and feels like it is written in 10 Minutes. That's what the Dialogues Sound like, by the Way. Last but not least, the Game world is not particularly large and looks very generic, as there are actually no special Places worth discovering. However, I liked The Graphics better again. It is not very detailed, but it is Basically solid and partly has a very nice Comic Look reminiscent of the Walking Dead Series. In Conclusion, it's clear that I really didn't like State of Decay. It started well, but after just a few Hours it became far too transparent and repetitive. Still, I played through it, which brings me to my last Point. I don't think State of Decay is a good Game and not recommended, but I have a Weakness for the Principle of Looting & Leveling. Even if a Game is not very good, the Factors of improving your own Camp and finding Objects hold me, even if it is always the same after all, at a Game. So my Closing conclusion to State of Decay is that it's a very good Basic Recipe, but that unfortunately gives away a lot of Potential as it bores far too quickly and offers nothing New. I don't recommend this Game, but I say that if you are also a Fan of Collectibles and Player Enhancements, you can have a few Hours of Fun with the Title, but the Air is out quickly even then.
If you are into zombie games, you can’t miss this game. A highly realistic apocalypse, where you need to survive together with other people, not only kill zombies (but it’s fun too). A variety of weaponry, nice graphics, a good story - you should definitely try it, if you haven’t yet.