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Space Hulk: Deathwing review
by MeZev

Best Warhammer 40,000 video game for me. The atmosphere of the dark space hulk is perfect, new features included, no bugs or other problems detected. They added some grind but that’s OK. I can say only good thing about this game, so better try it yourself. And make sure, you play the Enhanced Edition. 

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First of all, I rate the single-player campaign here differently than most. Introduction (Summary list of Game qualities below for the Reading breaks->): I would describe myself as a big Fan of the Warhammer franchise, the computer Games and Books. Even if I lack Money and Time for the actual tabletop roots, I am fascinated by the Warhammer 40k Universe. Since I'm not a big Fan of Real-time Strategy, however, the Game yield has been pretty mau in addition to the coop campaign of Dawn of War II and the technically and playfully rather mixed 40k Spacemarine. Based on this Starting Position, I was quite surprised by the Announcement of Deathwing, a Fps conversion to the Warhammer Game Space Hulk Which was completely unknown to me up to this Point. As a Result, I dealt with the tabletop game and was very impressed to see this implemented as a team-based shooter, even if it would of course have to be quite different from most other shooters due to setting. And here I have to say: The Developers definitely succeeded! With Space Hulk: Deathwing, they've created one of what I Think is one of The best Shooters of recent Times. Here it must always be kept in Mind that I look at the whole thing from the Point of view of a Player who knows the Terminators from Books and Games, but not necessarily from detailed Rules. So I am aware of the basic Character and Inertia of the Terminators, which is in large Part the basis for the "Gameplay" of the Original Game, but do not see, like other Voices here, a Problem in Gameplay decisions such as the Possibility of direct Ending a Sprint or turning around your own Axis as fast as you like, because: Deathwing is a: Modern Team-based shooter in the Footsteps of E.g. Star Wars Republic Commando with up-to-date well thought-out control-With a classic Impact by Refraining from HP regeneration and a very open Level Design (A Mission card is always free to explore)-Which feeling to control a cumbersome Terminator with neat Bums (I have deliberately avoided the Sprint function, which Goal, imagine them more as a charge take), and to really be Part of a stand-away squad, conveying highly, which is largely due to the good AI companion. -Which comes with absolutely AAA-worthy Technology-A surprisingly passable Story offers-Alone for the Level/Artdesign an excursion is worth a trip well balanced to the End-A number of very different But in their Own way useful weapons for close and Fernkampf offers-thanks to a good Placement of Opponents and their AI, the Space Hulk (Fight) Atmosphere transports excellently-and offers the damn again the best Flamethrower in The Video Game history! Honestly If I really is to fault something, it would probably be that the standard bolter feels a bit of a faint-breaking Way towards the end of the Game, but even this only judging by the otherwise so excellent weapon feeling of the game, and even only so small that I have some of the The biggest Battles of the final Missions still took place with this very standard bolter. For anyone who feels empowered to operate a Shooter in the least and can do even the Slightest with the Warhammer Universe, Deathwing is an absolute Compulsory purchase, especially for the Given 33Euro. But also for Warhammer newcomers who appreciate a polished but not COD-softened Team shooter, in which the Word team is not just Appendages, or as a Sightseeing tour through the unique art design of Warhammer 40K, the Game is suitable thanks to the unique Art design of Warhammer 40k. Its beautiful Look.
Such a great disappointment. The endless list of my complaints includes:
 no tactics required 
stupid enemy AI
 unrealistic weapon feelings 
no physics 
melee combat is awful 
the Enhanced Edition is better visually but still is not fun.