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Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty review
by Tzeelim

It’s not a bad remake but it doesn’t fit in requirements modern players set to games. The animations are unskippable, the controls are unresponsive and the game in general is too slow. The regeneration process is frustrating. Anyway, I think that the fans of the original will like the game. However, if you don’t have any nostalgic feeling about Oddworld, this title will seem to be out of time to you.  

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Translated by
Microsoft from Danish
1. The controls and lack here off is really annoying me now. They work really bad even if they can be placed and sized as you wish. Killed myself 20 times before I could throw a granade ex. 2. The fact that its very zoomed in and hes running fast makes you run easily into meat machines or enemies that reply by killing you. 3. The graphics are not that impressive either for a 2017 game except for the between levels Soooo many good games can do this good and then this sh.. Im disappointed.
Translated by
Microsoft from Dutch
I bought this beautiful game because I played the game completely gray on the Playstation 3. Oddworld: New n Tasty is a 2D platform game with wonderfully beautiful graphics. In short, the game revolves around the fact that you are an escaped slave to a meat factory that is run by all kinds of bad guys. Because the factory suffers too much loss and the original manpower has fled, the chief has decided to kill the current manpower and turn it into meat snacks. The aim of the game is to prevent and to escape from the meat factory through a kind of maze system, thereby releasing as many of your colleagues as possible. Because the game is almost completely poked to iOS in its original state, the game has become far too heavy to run on that platform. The only thing they have changed is the controls so that the game has become playable on a touchscreen. In addition, the game offers support for MFI controllers. On my iPad-4 from 2012, with the extremely fast A6X chip, the game can barely run. The game is just playable at the lowest graphic settings. The biggest mistake they have made is that they have not reduced the game at the port. The game has a size of 3.2 GB, while the size increases with a small 0.8 GB during game play. Because of this the game becomes 4GB big after a while, and in my eyes that is too big for a mobile platform! Because of this you have to remove many applications in order to download the game at all. A tablet with 32GB or more storage is definitely recommended for this game! Then why the maximum rating of five stars? This is because progressive technology will automatically solve the biggest problems of the game. Every year the processing power and storage memory of the iPhones and iPads increases so that my criticisms no longer play a role in a while. However, the game can be played well on the most modern devices. For example, my mother has an iPad Pro 12.9 Inch from 2017 on which the game can be played in the highest settings. However, I think it is a total madness to buy a tablet of more than a thousand euros for playing a game.
I heard a lot of complaints about the gameplay and the controls, but still decided to buy the game, ‘cause I liked Oddworld back then. And for me this remake is directly the thing I hoped to get. It’s an enjoyable modern platformer, polished and creative. Can’t say nothing bad about it - every “odd” detail fits in the setting perfectly.