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Heroes of the Storm review
by Tzeelim

The game in general is good and enjoyable, you don’t need to spend much money on heroes and other ingame stuff. But some modes in it are just bad - I can play only the standard summoner's rift type push to be pleased with the game. However, it’s only my opinion.. 
great game !

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I'm love it!
«Better with friends»
If you’re tired of Dota or LoL, try HOTS. It’s much easier to master, matches last less (average 15-25 minutes), and everything is done as a team. Yes, you won’t be able to win this game alone but this teamwork will help you to get into the process faster. There are a lot of maps and heroes, so the game never gets boring. As for me, a great MOBA to keep your skills sharp but not waste hours for it.
«Better with friends»