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Runner3 review
by Juri

I like the series but there are some problems with this title that ruin my pleasure. The screen is messy, it’s hard to focus on the gameplay. When the track is obscured, the game turns into a complete hell. I don’t like this design at all. The music doesn’t fit the rhythm of the game, and some obstacles are invisible. And, as the icing, the difficulty of the level is not balanced.  

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Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
AN EXCELLENT CONTINUATION. !! COMMANDER VIDEO'S BIG COMEBACK!!. First of all, I have to add that with the update that launched in November have corrected many of the failures of the game, and have added many interesting things, so we go there:-Graphically is a copy of the Nintendo Switch, although this type of games not They need to be graphic portents to function properly. -Return The Friends of Commander video, personal in the style of Runner 2. Dave de Woah Dave!, Unkle Dill, Frank ' N Stein, Awnty Rewty... and many more. -We will Not only have to take ingots, also gems. -We Can Choose several paths, if we go by the normal take ingots, and if we go for the difficult to take gems. !! TO CHOOSE!!. -Aesthetically is very beautiful, colorful and arouses much sympathy. -Very nice and catchy Melodies. -Retro levels are 30 and are....! The host on a scooter!!. -We will Pilot several vehicles like airplanes, cans, cars celery or wagons while we take ingots and avoid the traps. -Still retaining the total essence, and the same sense of humour as Runner 2. -Gameplay simple, monotonous, and linear, but at the same time is very very addictive, effective, fun and very challenging. The game requires patience, many reflections and especially a lot of practice. Once you dominate it, you can't stop. -The bosses.... It's been a long time since I cried about laughter, they're masterful. !! I Want more!!. -The game is a challenge for the mind, get the 25 gems of each phase, the 100 ingots at all levels and in difficulty ' ' difficult ' ' is a feat. You Will Need to have a good memory to avoid the traps and not return to the ' ' Checkpoint ' '. -The 2 To me, I found unsurpassable, but thanks to the patches that have added to the 3 have corrected many bugs and have added many new things. -It Is Super addictive, ' ' Come One More ' ', you keep trying again and again, finally when you get to overcome a difficult level the satisfaction is enormous. -In Every world we have a store (free) in which we can get clothes, extras for our character and very interesting things. -It is Not a game for impatient people, because you love or hate it, and sometimes it will make you so furious that you will fire out of your eyes, but in the long run, you take affection and Acostrumbras to the new challenges. -The game is short, but hooked right away and you get a great curiosity to know all phases and worlds. -What would be Runner 3 without Charles Martinet? As always, spectacular in his role as narrator. -I Hope that in the future you will add more worlds, and characters (only 11). You'Re looking forward to more. -Charles Martinet is a character! Playable!! I can die in peace lol. -Fabulous optimization, and the design of the game menus are beautiful. CONCLUSION: If The formula works, DON'T TOUCH it. Have managed to overcome Runner 2, (which was not easy and left the bar very high, but they succeeded) this is a continuation! Wonderful!!. Recommended for 28 bucks? It Depends, it's a little expensive, but if you're not a fan of this kind of games, then No. Recommended on offer? Emphatically Yes, has much more content than the second part, and brings a lot of news. !! Highly Recommended!!. NOTE: 8 ' 8
Runner 3 reminds me of those old games that were quite frustrating, and you died frequently, but started it over and over again. This game is as addictive as they were. A great and various experience hides behind simple core mechanics, and you reveal new features constantly. Quests to open new characters are amazing. And if at one moment this game pisses you off, then it satisfies you more. Highly recommended.